Animals in Japanese Paintings and Prints
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Animals in Japanese Paintings and Prints Organized into three online essays - traditional - realist - and imaginative art. Among the menagerie: monkey - tiger - eagle - camels - praying mantis - fox and puppy.
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Thanks carter. I am now the proud owner of Sparrow and Bamboo by Tsubaki Chinzan. Alas, not a mid-eighteenth century original, but an early 21st computer print on ordinary paper. I still like it.
posted by Cranberry at 2:29 PM on November 20, 2005

I really liked these, thanks.

I was hoping they would have studies of smaller birds too because no-one has ever captured the likes of sparrows better than traditional Japanese and Chinese painters. Still, I hadn't seen something like this, so I'm very happy with the trade.

Great shame this hasn't attracted more attention.
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Thanks carter, that was cooler than I expected (and I thought it would be pretty good anyway). Nice of them to have 'printer versions'. Beats the incessant watermarking of vintage material I've seen around the traps.

I've been quite getting into some of the Japanese prints/illustrations of late. Blatant selflink - I really enjoyed the Hawk Scrolls at the University of Tsukuba.

And fear not carter, I'm sure plenty more had a look but didn't comment. So it goes..
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Oh and I really like your site carter (wish it was dated but still ...) - in fact, I've visited your site once or twice before but somehow I've managed to become subscribe to what I'm guessing is your delicious links.

:- ) Thanks doubly!
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Why, thank you, peacay. I think, basically, I still have no idea of how to write stuff up for the front page. There did use to be a bit of a Japanese art club here though, and I was hoping to appeal to them.

P.S. - The reason the site is not dated is because, uhm, I don't update it ... this makes me very envious of folks like plep. I do have a ton of stuff to post but I'm way too busy with work, and I've also been spending far too much time putting my photos online. Also, I decided to ignore all blogging software, and format everything by hand, but this turned out to be very time consuming. Finally - if the delicious links are mainly jpop, museums, photography, architecture and travel - then they are mine - enjoy!
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