WOOUUIIIIII: The sound that a radio makes while being tuned
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Ka-BOOM! :: A Dictionary of Comicbook Words on Historical Principles, Based on the Latest Conclusions of the Most Dubious Wordologists & Comprising Many Hundreds of New Words which Modern Literature, Science & Philosophy have Neglected to Acknowledge as True, Proper & Useful Terms & Which Have Never Before Been Published in Any Lexicon
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Found randomly on the front page of del.icio.us, before I get swamped in via recommendations.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, then click on the individual letters to enjoy.
posted by anastasiav at 9:38 AM on November 21, 2005

I involuntarily had to take a deep breath after I read that headline. Good stuff though:

KLONNK [Madballs vol.1 #7, 1987] The sound of a frozen body falling to the ground
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Thanks, anastasiav. This is actually a passion of mine.

No, really. People in non-comics writing seem to think that if something is a comic-book word or sound they can just spell it any way they want. Back in the Good Old Days, for instance, there was a clear distinction between AAAAAH and AHHHH, the former being a cry of terror, the latter of relaxation. Almost all of the real comics that I've seen still maintain this crucial distinction, but comic strips and columnists (and, Lord knows, Web site commenters) routinely use AHHHHHH as a cry of terror, which just looks idiotic.

That said, as you can imagine, I would've enjoyed a little more prescriptivist than descriptivist approach, but at least interested people can see where the weight of usage falls and make the inference themselves. And if nothing else, you gotta love the sheer amount of work put into this pointless crucial exercise.
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TCHUNK [Avengers West Coast Annual vol.2 #8, 1993] The sound of a thrown discus hitting someone in the head.
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I could have sworn we'd done this before, but apparently not. So: waku waku!
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But it must have been hard to compile with a straight face...

Under P:

Also, while it is cool, how exactly does it qualify as archive material that needs to be maintained by Library and Archives Canada? Odd, but perhaps pleasing, that my tax dollars are going to preserve this important work.
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Great stuff!
Here's a similar site that features panels so you can 'hear' the sound effect in its proper context. Uh-unnn!
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Comic fonts.
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Cool idea, but the web site kinda made my eyes water.

When I think of sounds in comics, it's hard not to think of MAD magazine's legendary Don Martin.
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I can't believe they left out "WANK" (SFW).
posted by Faint of Butt at 10:51 AM on November 21, 2005

Deet, cool.
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"Web and graphic design that gets you noticed!" Uh huh.

At least both the Canadian and Japanese lists support my spelling of the standardized evil laugh as "bwahahaha" and NOT "muahahahah" or something like that. It's important to me.
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Walt Simonson's run on Thor in the late 80s defines cool comic book sound effects for me. I have been unable to find too many samples on the web, except for KLA THASSH! and BARRROOM!
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From flipper's 2nd link - FTASSP! They're all just really fun to say...at work.
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Flipper, as soon as I saw this article I thought of Walt Simonson as well. Huge, huge sound effect lettering in a distinctive style. It definitely helped to bolster the epic feel of his run on Thor.
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Whenever I re-read Nausicaa, I always fixate on the odd sound effects Miyazaki (or the translator, not sure which) put in there. Especially the engine thrum of the warships in the sky : DNDNDNDNDNDNDN
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A-A-ACHOO [Kool Asthma Kids #2, 1996] The sound of a sneeze

Okay, now I'm going to have to find a copy of Kool Asthma Kids.
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