Glenn Mitchell passes away
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Glenn Mitchell passes away. If you don't live in the Dallas area or listen to KERA "on the sly," as Glenn used to say, you have no idea who Glenn Mitchell was. If he had lived a few months longer, you would have heard him on XM Radio starting in early 2006. Possibly the best interviewer of our age. He left us far to early. Check out the forum to see what he meant to his listeners. Rest in peace, Glenn.
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I was shocked to hear this last night. Unfortunately, most won't grasp what a cool guy he was (Mefites would probably love his show if exposed to it.)

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I'll miss his show, especially his "Everything you ever wanted to know" Friday shows.
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The Glenn Mitchell Show was MeFi from the time before the intarnets were invented.
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Unforunately I had school when his show usually aired, but during the summer... I have fond memories as a kid listening to his show in the car.
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How old was he? He was remarkably cagy about that but I once remember him claiming to have gone to SMU in the 50s or something, which must make him at least 70, right? He sure didn't look it though, or sound it. By sound I'd probably place him in his mid 30s, but looks, maybe his 50s (due to the white/gray hair)
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He was 55.
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(from the top of the first link: September 28, 1950 - November 20, 2005)
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One of the many things I missed about Dallas.

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Christmas won't be the same without the Christmas Blockbuster. That's where my family and I learned about the Wilder Brothers' song "Santa, I want a Goat for Christmas" (too obscure for a link, even!).

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I think they said they will do the Blockbuster if at all possible, but it won't be the same without Glenn. Don't be surprised if it's a "best of" compilation from the last several years.
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I remember when AskMeFi started that it was just like the Friday edition of The Glenn Mitchell Show. He will be sorely missed. I also really hope that they continue the show format, even if it's not the same without Glenn - I learned all kinds of new things every single time I listened. [sigh]
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I got to know Mitchell personally just before his radio career. He was a charming guy and a pleasure to know. I will miss him.
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/me bows to Yakuman
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If I'm not mistaken, this will be the first christmas KERA will have without Glenn Mitchell heading up the Blockbuster. I'd hate to be the guy to fill those shoes.
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