Thank you, Mr. Sinclair!
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Thank you, Mr. Sinclair is a three part tribute to Lister Sinclair starting tonight, part of celebrating 40 years of Ideas on CBC Radio. Only a small selection of Ideas programs are available for download, which is a travesty, but the current program can be heard bia streaming audio from many time zones. [more inside]
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Ideas is some great stuff.
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Ideas is a great program. My daughter's homework last week was to listen to the Massey lectures.

One nice thing about it is how decentralized it actually is. Lister Sinclair mainly just introduced the programs. The episode that I was on was initiated and delivered by a local CBC reporter who normally did banal city hall politics and stuff, but the CBC let him, and Ideas gave him the opportunity, to really stretch out his journalistic chops and he did a terrific job, I thought. The "culture of Ideas" allows for a huge diversity of really great topics to flow up from the grassroots of the CBC and elsewhere.
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Rumple, I think that is one of the key areas that makes Canadian public media so much better than the CNNs of the world. For example, if you wade through the sensationalism there is some quality programming on CNN from time to time - I remember a program about girls in elite sport gymnastic programs that was great - but as far as I can tell it is all produced in house.

CBC Radio, CBC Newsworld and TVO show programming from other sources all the time. Even some in house programming, like the book review program Hot Type, is directed at incorporating outside ideas. Surely diversity is the only way to give a balanced picture of the world.
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A lot of those audio links are no longer working.
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Paul Kennedy's okay, but Lister is lovely!
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