This is because the letter U is phonetically pronounced with a Y, Yooo.
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Sarah Elizabeth Witt struggles to convey a word game [direct to quicktime] that caused her doctor to diagnose her as obsessive-compulsive.

"When I hear a word that starts with the letter U, I immediately gain access to the letter Y!"
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I like the game, but she cheats with that whole phonetic letters, and A giving access to R,H, and I. That's a weak rule.
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Very interesting. Lucky for me, my OCD is much less on O and C.
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Pretty fascinating stuff. I can't imagine having something like that going on constantly, involuntarily, in my head whenever anyone speaks to me.
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Great little piece. I used to have a compulsion to mentally type conversations, tv shows, just anything verbal that went on around me. Really annoying. I also used to have this game throughout my childhood where, if I were a passenger in a car, my eyes would trace a path, weaving in and out of driveways or other openings onto the blocks... if the block ended and my visual trail had exited, I won a point for that block. If my trail hadn't "escaped" yet, I lost a point for that block. I couldn't stop. Well, until I got my driver's license, because I had to look at, you know, the road.
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Though not as bad, as long as I remember I have always had this habit of obsessively cataloging a person's handedness. Upon entering a classroom, bar, or restaurant, I immediately take inventory of all the lefties in the room. Among most of my acquaintances, I can immediately tell you who is lefty from memory, and usually after years.
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Reminds me of this from around last thanksgiving.
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That movie got incredibly fucking twisted towards the end. (05:33)
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Sorry, all that quote makes me think of is the Soupy Sales bit:

"Whenever I say F, you see K!"

(and don't forget to send all those little green slips of paper in Mommy's purse to Uncle Soupy)

You may now return to your regularly scheduled thread already in progress.
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I have a friend who automatically divides by 3 every number she sees or hears. Also, a few years ago, I decided to count the number of steps in a couple of different routes to work, and couldn't stop counting my steps for about a month.
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Gurewitch and Witt are the greatest! Please note Gurewitch's extremely great ongoing Webcomic, Perry Bible Fellowship, which also contains links to some of his/their other movies. My favorite has always been The Golden Turtle.
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I have a habit of mentally typing phrases that I hear, to see whether they would involve an even number of keystrokes by each hand. If they both have an odd number, it's almost as good. But I don't like the ones that involve an odd number for one hand, and even number for the other hand.

Unfortunately, I'm too stupid to keep track of this in my head, so I have to wiggle the appropriate big toe up or down with each mental keystroke. If both toes finish pointing up, then both hands had an even number of keystrokes. Yay!

But people don't know what's going on in my head, so they just think that I wiggle my toes a lot. The fools!

Does this mean I have OCD?
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I have to have three reasons to do anything. ANYTHING. Luckily, I'm good at thinking up reasons.

My OCD pills help a lot. But, I'm a lot less productive now.

(Brought to you by 1) I'm posting stuff to kill time before dinner, 2) I figured mentioning the pills might give someone an idea to check them out, and 3) it's fun to compare OCD behaviors.)
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i count constantly. really fast when i'm nervous, then my lips move. also, i have this imaginary box that i trace letters into with my right index finger. everything i hear is written letter on top of letter, then mirror imaged, then sideways both ways, so its all exactly symetrical in the box. i've made some drawings. OCD? my shrink said i was "high functioning." i don't think there's a lot of high functioning going on when i'm busy tracing letters.
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I always count the number of letters in words to see if the number in the sentence/phrase/paragraph make a multiple of five, or if the number of lines on the page make a multiple of five.
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Whenever I see a string of numbers, I try to make them into an equation.

For example, a friend's phone number is 255-2451. That's 2 * 5 - 5 * 2 = 4 - 5 + 1. It bothers me if I can't do it.
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I am amazed by the diversity of thought processes that are thought of as normal.

Shhhhhh.... just don't tell anyone.
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