loopy lenticulars
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Lenticulars - fun 3-d art from Howard Hallis, the guy who did the the picture of everything. For the graphic designer, here's more info on the art of lenticulars.
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Ow, my eyes.
posted by atom128 at 8:36 AM on November 25, 2005

This guy makes me head hurt, but in a good way.
posted by OmieWise at 8:43 AM on November 25, 2005

Am I correct in thinking this is how those animated rulers I used to use in grade school were made?
posted by jacquilynne at 8:48 AM on November 25, 2005

jacquilynne, you are correct, although those examples aren't very vintage. I forgot about the rulers, I was thinking of the crackerjack toys tho.

This Japanese site (in English) has a lot more info on creating lenticulars or starting a lenticular business in case you want to make your own rulers.
posted by madamjujujive at 9:15 AM on November 25, 2005

Wow, that is some bad art.
posted by snoktruix at 11:08 AM on November 25, 2005

Howard is a great guy. You should hear him sing karaoke! While his work is maybe not technically great in the comic book art way, he pursues it with amazing energy and his output is prodigious to say the least.

Disclosure: Howard is a member of my circle of friends, and he commissioned me do to this piece.
posted by zoogleplex at 12:55 PM on November 28, 2005

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