Vintage postcards
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FYI, the link cmonkey included under "they provide" is the project of MeFite, mattr. Bravo, mattr. Thanks cmonkey.
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Sorry, a nine page thesis on vintage postcard porn (including three pages of end notes!) and not a single illustration?!? Where's the fun in that?

Reminds me of a story one of my lit professors used to tell, of growing up in the old Nevada mining town of Tonapah, and one day while exploring an old mine finding a tattered of "Ullyses". As an adult looking back on it, he was endlessly amused at the thought of some hard-up miner pawing through Joyce's stream-of-consciousness prose "looking for the dirty bits."

Liked the other links, though; nice post.
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Post cards are still a wonderful way to say hello to friends and family-more personal than email and the limitations of writing space excuse one from being too pithy. Nice post, cmonkey.
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oh - and by the way, I have about 400 more to scan and put online...keep watching postcard fans!
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oh - and by the way, I have about 400 more to scan and put online...keep watching postcard fans!

Awesome, I can't wait to see them!
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The original journal article had some... accompanying images. Project MUSE has them, although you need a good university library's access to see them.
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This kind of post is why I joined Metafilter - I have been browsing through these for about half an hour now and am still going strong. There is some fascinating stuff here. I particularly like some of the one-liners, which I can imagine often sum up the personality of the writer:

I am in the city but cant say I like it so very much (about Washington DC)

MattR's "please will you send me some envelopes" card also made me smile. Thanks to you and cmonkey.
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A site with postcards of Louisville. It's kind of disappointing - you wonder if you're missing out by not usually getting the messages, and the selection is probably made with an eye to the impression of the neighborhood.
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