Choose Your Illusions, Too
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Illusions for sale : The Audience Dis*Member. The Ultimate Levitation. The Wakeling Sawing. The Classic Zig-Zag. And many, many more . If you can't conjure up that kind of scratch, you don't feel lucky or industrious, and your celebrity friends can't help, you could always try the Magic Auctions. Just watch out for that beautiful assistant!
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Heh... What about the Aztec Tomb?

"Illusions, Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money..." (notices bevy of small children around him, pauses and states: "and *candy*!!!"

Too subtle?
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Don't forget Free Chicken!
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What about the Pendragon's "Metamorphosis"? (saw them recently at The Magic Castle--they kicked butt!)
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Thanks so much for these links, hours of fun! The worst is that I do have the money for many of these tricks that I lusted after as a kid -- the fact that I could drop $950 and get Zig-Zag gives me pause, 'cause I could actually afford that. But it'd be silly... and I don't have the space!
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What about the Pendragon's "Metamorphosis"?

Recently rated third in a Channel 4 programme on the fifty greatest magic tricks ever.

That review was fascinating as well. I love the obsessive/compulsive nature of the reviewer:

"The presence of these allegedly comic ignoramuses would have mattered less if time had not been so precious. The 2 hour show included the mandatory 18 minutes of commercials and trailers, and 8 ½ minutes of Adam and Joe."

That guy should thank his lucky stars he was watching it on Channel 4 and not on US network TV. Then he'd *really* have something to whine about.
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