Funeral For A Son
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The Proto-Men present a Mega-Man Rock Opera. There is nothing more to say. Ever. About anything.
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damn. i want a copy! if only there was somewhere out there where one could buy the rest of the tracks...
posted by redbeard at 3:05 PM on November 28, 2005

Hmm. OCRemix still seems more satisfying for my nostalgia needs. Mega Man never had the most intricate of plots.
posted by anthill at 3:11 PM on November 28, 2005

Interview with the Proto-men is highly entertaining
posted by MiltonRandKalman at 3:16 PM on November 28, 2005

Geez, that's some really good stuff. Good link.
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whoops wrong link. Lets try that again
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This alone is worth the $5 for admission.
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This reminds me a bit of The Mars Volta without the incredible musicianship. But they are enthusiastic, which is always good...

OCRemix has good Airman, Bubbleman, Metalman, Heatman, and Quickman remixes from Mega Man2, along with many others.
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This is, in a word, incredible. I'm sure nostalgia has a lot to do with it, but I'm still pissed off about the downturn the series took around 5 or 6, and its subsequent abandonment by Capcom. I like how these guys took the (thin) plotline and fleshed out a vaguely cyberpunk backstory.
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Wow. And I almost didn't click on the MP3 links because I thought it would be too, um, nerdy. Now I have to email the band and beg for a copy.
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Oh good Lord. I think my dorkheart just exploded. I know this is non-canon (to be fair, the series has never been that consistent) but anything to do with Protoman/Blues just makes me want to cry with sheer nerdjoy.
See, by the time you get to about Megaman-X 4, X has become quite a complex character. It riffs off the seemingly neverending slew of sequels - he's becoming sick of fighting, because no matter how much he battles, it's never enough to achieve a final victory. There's a lot about X turning into a pacifist. Remember the ending quote from the original Megaman? Fight, Megaman, for everlasting peace! Ahh, what a sardonic ring those words now carry...
Now all they need to do is a sequel where they pick up on the links between the Megaman/Megaman-X storylines (Dr Wily created Zero! Holy crap!) and I will die happy.
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That should be "A Rock Man Rock Opera!" =D
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So I was at work, which is a non-profit in Pasadena. And I was, you know, goofing off and browsing MeFi, 'cos I'm a big lazy bastard. And then, the Proto-Men. Here's the dialogue.

Me: F...fuck. Woah.

Co-worker: What's wrong?

Me: Oh, oh man.

Co-worker: Rob? Everything OK?

Me: (Co-worker), listen to this. Now.

Co-worker: Woah...oh my god.

Me: Yeah. I can die happy.

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OK, I've come around to this music. If you get word that they're selling an album, would someone make a follow-up post... cause I've got some christmas money burning like an atomic flame in my wallet.
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Yeah, you have to register, but it's the same guy that wrote the earlier interview... Sad, if true.
posted by pupdog at 9:07 AM on November 29, 2005

Well, actually, you can enter anything.
posted by Samizdata at 9:47 AM on November 29, 2005


To order the CD or a shirt, check out the following page:

I don't care if it IS a scam, I'm getting my money in tonight.
posted by Imperfect at 11:18 AM on November 30, 2005

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