Ray Bradbury to weigh in at a symposium on regional transit problems.
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Ray Bradbury to weigh in at a symposium on regional transit problems. Flying cars! Flying cars!
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No, I don't think Ray-bo (who I met umpteen years ago when he hosted a salute to his old friend, animator Chuck Jones) would want to drive a flying car either...
The disappointing thing is, after ignoring Bradbury's call for rail transit for two decades, L.A.'s transit powers-that-be have been trying to catch up for the last fifteen years, and they're just getting around to consulting him NOW?!?
posted by wendell at 6:54 AM on December 10, 2000

Bradbury doesn't Drive.

And i think he only flies in emergencies.

He would probably think flying cars are super cool but i doubt you would find him in one.
posted by th3ph17 at 1:05 PM on December 10, 2000

Although the idea of a flying car may sound super cool, it wouldn't really solve any of the problems currently caused by the dominance of the automobile in transportation policy and funding, and it would probably cause a lot more problems.
posted by daveadams at 8:32 AM on December 11, 2000

I wish the SimCity solution were possible. Rip up all the crufty, old, mislaid housing and commercial zones, slap a massive, efficient transit system in their wake and in 10 years of construction (and even more hellish traffic) an efficient, effective transit system could be built.

But I guess actual people would complain far more than any bit.
posted by cCranium at 9:44 AM on December 11, 2000

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