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How to use your prosthesis (quicktime). Ed Van Den Brouck hosts the first in our "how to use your prosthesis" series. apologies to Julian? Also cool architecture.
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Ummm.... NSFW?
posted by Jeff_Larson at 2:45 PM on December 1, 2005

Ummm.... WTF?
posted by mr_crash_davis at 2:52 PM on December 1, 2005

That was awesome.
posted by event at 3:02 PM on December 1, 2005

So, turning into his street, he stopped at the drug store and bought an eye patch that soon covered the reluctant eye

Climbing the stairs he pondered what to do next, he would call a doctor and have tests made, eat nourishing food and if necessary consent to surgery, the last resort of the gambling man

And at 1am he awoke from a dream and after fumbling his way in the opalescent light of his room he peered into the rusty veins of his mirror and lifted away the patch
What he saw astonished him. Where once was tremulous tissue and membrane was now a follicle and perfectly formed vagina with vulva, overgrown and mysterious, unrevealing and still to the untrained eye

But in the deep dark recesses of that sticky occlusion lay the unclosing watchful eye of disgust in its closing moments, lunging forward and hungry for the cold light of days
from The Jeweller by John Cale
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There should also be a GFIW, or Girl from Ipanema Warning, on that sucker. Doodododoodoododo...ARGH!
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Please tell me they won't be sitting in the hatch watching this film on next week's LOST.
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Exactly what I was thinking, gimonca.

Also... WTF?
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so THATS what i was doing wrong!
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I just watched the whole thing thinking there might be a payoff. What utter horse shit!

You're not even a noob, shame on you.
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direct link to video.
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Nelson, the first one worked just fine. Are you suggesting that we WATCH THAT PIECE OF SHIT AGAIN?

(This post was just the excuse I needed to get drunk again tonight!) Blah.
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::points at tags::

Maybe I missed it, but what does this have to do with prefab architecture?
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That quikHouse looks...kind of cool.

The pussyface? Uh....not so much.
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they should use this on the beast commercials instead of the can dropping out of the sky.
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