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The Charts of Clarence Larkin A mechanical engineer by training, Clarence Larkin later found his true calling as a pastor and an author of influential books on religion. He is best remembered, however, for his detailed charts on topics such as: The Underworld, The Failure of Man, The Threefold Nature of Man, and an incredibly detailed The Book of Revelations from his book on Revelations.
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These are awesome. I had no idea. I like how the first coming comes between Thursday and Friday, in this chart of the 7000 years of human history. I would have thought it would come on hump-day, but what do I know.
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The one on the book of Revelations is probably the best.
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Pretty nifty. I love drawings like this.
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Revelation. Singular. It's one big revelation, not a whole bunch of little ones. Not being picky, the difference is significant. Well OK, I am being picky.
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Beat me too it Beagle.
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Wow. It's somewhere between outsider folk art and scientific diagram. Very cool.
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