School's out!
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Escape from Detention. It's the last day of school (well, yesterday was, technically) and you've been not just locked but trapped in the detention room; framed for a crime you didn't commit. You've got to get three crazy Canadjun youngsters out alive; but you can only succeed if you work together. Can you point and click your way toward victory? This game's fairly straightforward, but there are a few puzzles to make you scratch your head. Just about the right difficulty for a lazy Saturday afternoon. Found via jayisgames (thar be spoilers in the comments at that link).
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Schlockwave. You have been warned. Site searched for dupe-ness.
posted by Eideteker at 12:13 PM on December 3, 2005

I remember why I hated these games. I want to beat the shit of the dog with the crowbar, and it wont let me.
posted by iamck at 12:42 PM on December 3, 2005

Keeps crashing Firefox on me. :( A shame, the few moments of gameplay I had made it look pretty fun.
posted by Gator at 12:57 PM on December 3, 2005

Nice choice of tags. :)
posted by greatgefilte at 1:05 PM on December 3, 2005

Later, the dog died, having been given many times the lethal dose of "sleeping potion."
posted by jenovus at 3:15 PM on December 3, 2005

pretty easy, a number of red herrings, but not a bad kids game.
posted by edgeways at 3:25 PM on December 3, 2005

That was a fun little game.
posted by interrobang at 3:30 PM on December 3, 2005

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