Gimme a G.......gimme an W.....gimme a break!
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Corollaries to famous quotes pt 1: "Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted." - Shelley.
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What more can I say?
posted by donfactor at 2:22 PM on December 5, 2005

ah yes, the Ministry of Acrostic Propaganda, leading the war on terrorism.
posted by ori at 3:30 PM on December 5, 2005

"In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite."
- Paul Dirac


Na na na na na na na na na naah Leader!
posted by Smedleyman at 5:15 PM on December 5, 2005

Who let the doggerel out?
posted by rob511 at 6:02 PM on December 5, 2005

They don't need censors. They need quality control.
posted by obvious at 8:41 PM on December 5, 2005

Don't know right from wrong, does what's said.
Under the guise: he's not in over his head.
Born with coattails to ride on and plenty of dough.
Yahoo appearance tops it off just for show.
At least he's not fryin' retards no mo'.
posted by bigmike at 1:37 PM on December 6, 2005

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