Holy Tango of Literature
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Anthology Holy Tango of Literature: "The question of what would happen if poets and playwrights wrote works whose titles were anagrams of their names is one that has been insufficiently studied in the past." Francis Heaney has published his book online under a Creative Commons license, along with the Holy Tango Basement Tapes.
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This is awesome... I was giggling during the introductions, before I even got to the main text. The text itself is even better. Thanks!
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I'm as far as Basho's "OH, SOB," and I've got tears in my eyes I'm laughing so hard. [HOTDOGS I IS.]
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You've made my evening.
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I am at work, and I laughed until I cried at "I Will Alarm Islamic Owls." William Carlos Williams is so easy to mock, and yet this is brilliant.

This might be the first time that finding free things online has ever made me want to buy anything. No, really.
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Some of these are incredibly good:

I have a skinny Domicile—
Its Door is very narrow.
’Twill keep—I hope—the Reaper out—
His Scythe—and Bones—and Marrow.
He loses on the Maya Angelou one though - it's too good.
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This is brilliant, thanks mendel. My favourite so far: KIN RIP PHALLI.
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[This is terrific.]
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I remember when these (or some of them) were on Modern Humorist. The navigation always sucked, good to see they're collected.
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Utterly brilliant, thanks for posting.

now i write onetwothreefourfive poemsjustlikethat

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"toilets" for T. S. Eliot reminds of Auden's palindrome: T. Eliot, top bard, notes putrid tang emanating, is sad. I'd assign it a name: gnat dirt upset on drab pot toilet.
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Ha! I've read that before; it was the first thing I thought of when I saw this FPP. I'm SO glad there's more.
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I hoist dogs.
Gosh, idiots!
It's goodish.
This is good.
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This is ingenious and hilarious!
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Wonderful. Just wonderful.
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The Basho, Shakespeare and Wilde entries are alarmingly good (though I'm taking a tax class now; YMMV on the Wilde), and there are many, many gems. Thanks, mendel!
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Both beef stew!
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Brilliant stuff. I've been a fan of "Holy Tango" ever since it first appeared on Modern Humorist, and I'm thrilled to get the whole thing.
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Oh, yes. These are fantastic, and I'm thrilled to learn that not only are there more than MH published, but that they've been collected in dead-tree format as well. Well done, mendel.
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Great stuff. I heartily recommend buying the book itself. I got it for my father-in-law for his birthday a few weeks back and was able to sneak a peek at all the ones that weren't on MH (or that I missed at the time).

I will say, with the world-weary tone of an early Francis Heaney adopter, that I enjoy the ones that are truly genre parodies (e.g. Skinny Domicile, Dammit Dave, IRS Law Code) more than the exact parodies of individual works (even though I also laughed uproariously the first time I read 'Islamic Owls'). It's like the great Beatles parodies: The Rutles are fine, but every song is an exact spoof of one Beatles song, whereas Utopia's Face the Music finds the common cliches among two or more Beatles songs and turns them into new, funny songs.
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And thanks to soyjoy, I've just added Utopia's "Deface the Music" to my list as well. This is the thread that just keeps on giving!
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