The Ledge
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The Ledge He appeared on Laugh In, produced one of the truly weirdest 45s of the 60's, and was one of many inspirations for David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust. Meet Norman Carl Odam, the Legendary Stardust Cowboy.
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Correct first link: The Ledge
posted by ijoshua at 1:57 PM on December 7, 2005

I just played the .au clip of 'Paralyzed,' and it frightened my cat.
posted by wadefranklin at 1:57 PM on December 7, 2005

Mine, too. And I don't even have a cat.
posted by NationalKato at 1:59 PM on December 7, 2005

Please. Enough of this guy already. I saw him live, back in the day, and he was noisy, talentless drag. His 45 was not weird -- not by 60s standards. It was not creative or interesting in any way. It's just some drunk shouting. Stop giving him attention. There is so much great, little known music from the 60s... why is this 100 percent no-talent still on anybody's radar? If you want to hear a rockabilly progression with a drunk person shouting -- one that is really sensational -- check out Rev. Horton Heat's "Psychobilly Freakout."
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I spent an evening with him many years ago, as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, before he was taping the live in Chicago show that turned up on CD.

I actually did an interview with Bowie before hand, and he talked about how the folks from Mercury gave hin a pile of 45s, and how he picked Paralyzed out immediately and wondered what the hell was up with that?

He was actually quite lucid when I interviewed him (The Ledge), didn't drink any alcohol, and seemed to view this LSC thing as a piece of performance art. Klaus from the Dead Kennedys was playing bass for him that night.

When he played Paralyzed for the second time there (no reallly) Lincoln Park hotties runnning up on stage and taking his clothes off. He retreated to the wings with his pants around his ankles, and the sight of his old grey baggy whiteys is a memory I can live without.

Last I heard, he was working as a night security guard, and kind of digs his fleeting bit of fame.

Think what ya want I guess....But he was a pretty cool old fart.

Jebus....Bowie just did a cover of one of his tunes.

Can't be all bad
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thanks Ijoshua for correcting my bad

and yes.I get paid by the "actually"

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I listened. I tried. I can do without.
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Yeah, "Paralyzed" is sort of a litmus test isn't it?

Of couse I like "outsider" artists so I think it rules.

I agree with the Horton Heat choice as well. Jim (the Rev) is a great guy and it's been nice to see him have some success. It always brings a smile when I see those Boston Market commercials that use his "Eat Steak"...
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I love the Ledge. I used to use a line from "Sitting In A Garbage Can, Thinking About You," as my blog's title. "My Underwear Froze To The Clothesline," is a grand piece of existensial craziness as well.
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OK thanks I didnt know there was really a Legendary Stardust Cowboy -thought it was some Hollywood thing or something. I do like Paralized.
But , here, I think you need to compare with Hazel Adkins
to see who's the alpha male of manic hillbilly insanity ... they cant make this stuff up.. just imitate it like the Cramps ...
posted by celerystick at 9:11 PM on December 7, 2005

Hasel Adkins was the real deal, no doubt about it - but the greatest rockabilly artist of all time was Ronnie Dawson. IMHO.
posted by wadefranklin at 11:04 PM on December 7, 2005

Hasil! It's Hasil! Hazel is a gurl's name.
posted by Scram at 1:34 AM on December 8, 2005

I love Paralysed, it's one of my Desert Island Discs. Mind you, I'm not sure I want to listen to a whole album, or even see a whole live show.
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