The Art of William Schaff
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William Schaff makes really good art... Perhaps you recognize his artwork from Songs:Ohia's Magnolia Electric Company release or maybe the beautiful artwork from Godspeed You Black Emperor's Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven either way his site has a huge collection of his scratchboards, paintings, collages, and mail art.
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I knew a girl who had a tattoo personally designed by Schaff. I was jealous as all hell.
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Godspeed You Black Emperor

Is that how they're spelling the commune's name this week?
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You! never! know! :)
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I've heard Godspeed actually only moved the exclamation point because they found out that the original location was an incorrect translation from the Japanese movie title.

Now Silver Mount Zion, I believe they're now on the fifth name or so - "Thee Silver Mountain Reveries."
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theres alot more at william's flicrk page
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Some of those skeleton collages (3rd link at top) are really great (in addition to the scratchboards).

TheOnlyCoolTim: interesting tidbit, thanks.
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thanks for the post...i recall trying to find more of his work after buying that GYBE album, but had little or no luck on the interwebs at the time.
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Lovely stuff, mrs.pants. Thanks.
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S.C. -

Is this the tattoo? If so, you're friend is very lucky.
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It's not. I don't see hers in there, actually; we haven't talked in years, or I'd try to rustle up a picture.
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it's all just more awkward pirouettes in the general direction of hope and joy.
this rules. thanks!
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His small book inspired by Neutral Milk Hotel, "I Am Listening To Here Where You Are" (click "Little Books" at the first link), is a very powerful, emotional piece. I was lucky enough to get one in the mail from him in a very beautiful skull-collaged envelope when I was researching my book about In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, and ended up writing about him in the influences section of the book. (William, if you read this, watch your mailbox for a signed copy early next week.)
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William Schaff is a wonder, a marvel and a muse. He sticks his hands deep in my chest.

I believe he's got a book of his music work coming out in the new year. His art has also adorned (of course) the last three Okkervil River LPs (including this year's exceptional Black Sheep Boy, which I think I love twice as much because of the art). Aberdeen's Kitchen Cynics released an EP called For Will, which is inspired by his work. And most recently, there's Schaff stuff on the cover/liner notes for the sad-indie-rock remix record by Joe Beats.

I second the recommendation for the awful, awesome, scary and beautiful "I Am Listening To Here Where You Are", which you can see on his website in its entirety.
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He ain't got nothing on your work, mrs. pants.
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untrue! but thank you Omie...
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