The darker side of Christmas...
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Who travels with St. Nicholas? Most of us didn't learn about Krampus in elementary school, but apparently Santa Claus doesn't just rely on positive reinforcement. Gather the kiddies around and teach them about the "Christmas Devil."
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Huh, and I thought Krampus was made up for this comic
posted by KirTakat at 8:10 PM on December 8, 2005

Oh man, If I ever have kids...
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This year I'm going to be celebrating the winter solstice. I'm just going to delay it by 4 days and call it Christmas, to promote social integration.
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He was the star of last year's Venture Brothers Christmas Special.

He ends up violently dry-humping Dr. Venture to much funny.
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Whenever compelled to exchange gifts in December, I use home-printed Krampus wrapping paper. I think I used this image last year.

Works nicely for a June birthday, too. Or a September wedding shower.
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Will Ben & Jerry's create a flavor for him? They did for Festivus.

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Oh, did I forget to mention the fucking?

In exactly two weeks, I'm driving aimlessly around Eastern Europe (Starting in Amsterdam, NYE in Istanbul, early January in Milan, and wherever in between) as part of my annual "Let's go someplace I've never been for two weeks and see what happens" trip.

And if I have to wear a Krampus mask to take the pants off a nubile Eastern European gal, then god dammit that's what I have to do.
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The only informative page linked in this FPP is the page. The story told, however, is a not quite accurate and it even starts out dead wrong.

I suppose to many, the story behind Nikolaus and Krampus with their Krampuskränzchen and Krampuslauf, etc, is secondary - it's more the adrenaline boosting sting from that cow tail reaching for your bones as the masked stranger in goat fur, claws and horns rambling gibberish while whipping the living daylights out of you, that's appealing.
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And if I have to wear a Krampus mask to take the pants off a nubile Eastern European gal.

(damnit. I LOLed.)

1) It will cost you a couple of grand - and that's for the mask alone.

2) It's been some time since the sweet smell of sweat and goat attracted, uhm, any woman I suppose.
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Of course, why bother trying to attract a woman when in Salzberg the mask apparently gives you a license to beat and/or abduct?
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Wow. I've got to go to Salzburg. That's twenty times better than halloween.

And I'm not sure how wrong or right "Christmas information" can be. Tradition evolves. As I've heard it, the Krampus tradition probably originally evolved from the practice of putting on masks to scare away demons.
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Wow. Best post evvvr. I had no clue.
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