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Carl Buell, natural history illustrator, has started a blog. Interview with the man here.
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DAMMIT. That last link should be this.

I don't know how that happened. Sorry.
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Beautiful... thanks for this link!
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I got scared the office bandwidth police were going to take me to the room with no windows so I had to close it down.

Carl might be better served by posting much, much smaller versions and allowing folks to click to the much larger versions.

But what I did see was very pretty.
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This is great (plus it has some nice synchronicity with this book - my favorite pic - I was just looking at in a bookstore). Thanks for the link.
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He's drawn for Earthjustice publications from time to time. I remember my family meeting up with him sometimes on various camping trips - not only an amazing illustrator but a pretty awesome guy. I hope this blog helps him sort out his troubled life.
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Like it.
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