Bird On A Wire's 2nd Annual National Film Registry Contest
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Bird On A Wire's 2nd Annual National Film Registry Contest is on! Predict which films you think will be added to the National Film Registry this year, and you could win prizes! "The National Film Registry is a collection of American movies which, because of their artistic, historical, or cutural significance, have been deemed worthy of preservation." Eligible movies are American-made, over 10 years old, and not already on the list (the criteria for the list itself).

In the event of a tie, Bird on a Wire will pick a winner by whim, so as long as you choose eligible films, you have a good chance of winning. Pick up to 25 films; deadline for submissions is December 25. The NFR announces its selections on December 27.

Post and discuss your entries here!
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"Established by the National Film Preservation Act of 1988 (Public Law 100-446), the National Film Preservation Board was reauthorized in 1992 for four years (Public Law 102-307), and again in 1996 for an additional seven years (Public Law 104-285). The law also creates the federally-chartered private sector National Film Preservation Foundation."

Films in the registry are actively obtained and preserved by the Library of Congress. Most public libraries should have copies of most of the films, though some of the picks are almost impossible to get ahold of.

If your picks don't make the list, you can nominate them to the Board for next year.
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