'Cause we're just that capitalist.
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Tim Yang's TV Commercial Blog is sweet, sweet succor for those of you who miss the heyday of AdCritic.
posted by grrarrgh00 (7 comments total)

Before all the grumpy anti-ad Mefites come to bash, I'd like to say thanks for the link, grrarrgh00.
posted by soiled cowboy at 7:43 AM on December 13, 2005

My pleasure, soiled cowboy.

(That's not the first time this week I've said those words.)
posted by grrarrgh00 at 7:49 AM on December 13, 2005

Thanks, grrarrgh00. This one from Nike is excellent.
posted by AgentRocket at 7:49 AM on December 13, 2005

I don't miss adcritic. ;)

There's quite a few of these types of ad-blogs out there that simply link to content-heavy-sites ads, like Boardsmag, Adforum, Ad-awards and even The commercial archive*my site. Some are better than others as they list credits and/or review what they link to. Here's another good example in this genre: Commercialbreak.blogspot.com.
posted by dabitch at 7:52 AM on December 13, 2005

jca isn't an "anti-ad" MeFite. ;)
posted by jca at 9:42 AM on December 13, 2005

I actually do miss AdCritic. I stopped visiting when they started charging for memberships. This looks like a nice replacement. Thanks!
posted by Sibrax at 2:43 PM on December 13, 2005

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