Asymmetric Aircraft
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Asymmetric airplanes may look weird, but the idea isn't just for the luftwaffe anymore: Burt Rutan has done one too. Not counter-intuitive enough for you? How about an asymmetric helicopter?
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relevant ask me.
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Oh yes, all credit goes to JMOZ!
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There is a cool looking asymemtric twin prop used by native american flyers in Crimson Skies for the xbox. Fun game set in an alternate universe where the prop plane has taken over the cars place in the 1920's USA.
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Though these aircraft aren't necessarily asymmetric, your post reminded me of Luft '46. And your first two links aren't working so well, do you have any other asymmetric aircraft links? Some of these may be asymmetric, but not on purpose.
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any other link for whatever that luftwaffe plane was? the geocities site is boned.
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helicopters are usually asymmetric... look at the tail.
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Partial mirrors courtesy of the WayBack machine:
Asymmetric airplanes
the luftwaffe
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Thanks for the recognition, phronist, but if you look at the thread, I think adamrice deserves most of the credit.
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Somewhat tangential,L-01 The Political Implications of the UFO Phenomenon and the “ET” Myth RA mp3 discussion of advanced aviation design,flying wing and disc. 45 min, pedantic,informative lecture.
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I'm pretty sure this has been posted in the past.. but while the main links are down, here is something that is also tangential, but kind of neat:
fantasy planes
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Asymmetric discus-launched model glider (about halfway down the page).

Within RC aeromodelling, there are sailplanes, and within sailplanes there are hand-launched sailplanes. The recent innovation there is the "Discus Launched Glider" that is launched via a peg in the wingtip. The vast majority are symmetrical winged, but a few folks have attempted to make asymmetrical wings to allow a faster launch speed (and more height).

Further discussion thread: Asymmetric wing DLG @ RCGroups
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Found this this morning on Wikipedia about the Nazi attempt at a forerunner to the B-2 bomber. Wing-body design with radar-absorbing materials. Definitely interesting.
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Yeah carbon impregnated plywood,first stealth plane! this is also discussed in the L.01. I think.
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Thanks, Ryvar, I can't beleive I never heard of the Ho229 before. The designers appear to have been geniuses. The Ho XVII proposed design would have thrown an interesting twist into the war if they could have been produced in significant numbers.
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Perhaps even more audaciously bizarre than the assymetric aircraft were radially symmetric aircraft (designed for VTOL). The USAF never tried anything quite this bizarre, but they did have some experimental planes after the war that seemed influenced by it.
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Man, that last one looks like a nightmare. Okay, you've got these three ramjets out on the pylons that look vaguely shaped like propellor blades - and the thing's supposed to spin at what RPM to get it into the air?

Okay, aside from the plumbing linkages (and I'd dearly love to see how they propsoed to manage THOSE) I can just see your bearings seizing up as your 'wings' are rotating at 3000 RPM or so... and all of a sudden your fuselage is spinning at the same speed.

Be kind of tough on the pilot, I'd think...

According to the documentation, they never built a full-scale one. I can imagine the relief of the test pilots on hearing that news.
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