Tex is a good guy.
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For Christmas Briony would like: a sketch book, pencil crayons and 2 new rodent cages for her pet rats. A lot of people give to charities or directly to a homeless person during this time of year in the hopes that their money will be put to good use. But what do the homeless really need? Jennie and Dan Keeran found out, put the answers up on the web and are now asking for people to donate. I think it's an awesome idea.
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Ouch. I'm not sure that a crack addict is the best poster child adult.
posted by dhartung at 9:25 PM on December 15, 2005

yeah, sorry about that. Next time I'll find some misunderstood hookers with hearts of gold. Maybe this guy is worthy of your charity?
posted by concreteforest at 10:00 PM on December 15, 2005

Just reading the capsule bios is sobering. What they ask for is both so little, and so big. There but for fortune.
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Interesting to compare this link to this one.
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I used to volunteer for the Christmas Bureau delivering Christmas hampers every year, but my current position in retail management prevents me from doing that any more. It's bothered me a bit as to watch the conspicuous consumption of others more fortunate, including my own circle of friends and family. I will do this instead, this year; as I have the means, but not much spare time.

This is a great idea, and a fantastic post. I likely never would have found out about this opportunity otherwise, so thanks, concreteforest. Truly the best of the web, and what I come to Metafilter for.
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Interesting to compare this link to this one.

And this one.
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I'll go ahead and throw out a plug: for anybody in Minneapolis, my shelter is always looking for hats, gloves, socks, and underwear in the winter, and volunteers, socks, underwear, and t-shirts in the summer (to be particular). Blankets are always nice too, whatever the time of year, as we give them out to those we have to turn away.

For those of you in other cities, a quick Google search makes it so easy to find ways to help.
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And this one.

Yeah, I missed all the requests for cardboard toilets and virtual golf courses.

Go figure.
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I wonder what this was about?

(Tex) use to live in the Old Continental Hotel but was evicted because he “spoke his mind about drugs.”

"I'm inclined towards the notion that a full legalization goal is unrealistic, and we should be pursuing a strategy of decriminalization combined with controlled availability through medical channels."

"Get out, Tex, and don't come back. There's no room for drug policy compromisers in this SRO."
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We just got finished wrapping presents for the adopt-a-family program that the local high school does. Needy families make a christmas/wish list that they give to the school. Each classroom gets the list of one family and all the kids in the class chip in money, shopping time, wrapping time, etc. Today is the day they all go and pick up their presents that they get to bring home and put under the tree. It's snowing to beat the band today, so hopefully everyone can make it there. One of the teachers was a bit unclear on the concept and only got one thing for each person so we did a little shopping last night. Looking at these lists -- and these folks are rural poor, not homeless -- was really sobering: socks, red sox t-shirt, baking sheets, flannel pjs, matchbox car, work gloves. I'm usually more of a "fuck christmas" type myself, but a great way to get a little over your inner-scrooge is to help people out like this. Thanks for the link concreteforest.
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Thanks, concreteforest.
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The flip side to this, is that when the police "roust" the homeless, they sometimes make it a point to take away critical property, to encourage them to leave town.

For example, in winter they confiscate blankets and sleeping bags, or their entire kit of warm clothing.

For obvious reasons, this has to be done in a roundabout way, such as sending their "property" to a distant storage facility, forcing them to walk miles to recover their goods. Or disposing of property on the grounds that it is "infested" or too stinky to keep.
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[This is a keeper concreteforest. Thanx]

Regarding Tex; even the mention drug use, whether it is legalized or not, can be very detrimental to a person who just getting off of them. I would assume that the hotel referred to was trying to protect those persons trying to stay clean. The last thing a person in recovery needs is someone advocating the right to use substances.

Ouch. I'm not sure that a crack addict is the best poster child adult.

That is, however, the reality. James (the one featured in the article) is very much representative of homeless populations, not only in Vancouver, but in every city. Unfortunately, cheap and addictive drugs (like crack) are within easy reach of a person on the street. Combined with no shortage of less than scrupulous suppliers, it is easy to see why people like James are where they are and will continue to stay there.

Still, this link is good. In fact, worthy of remembering after the holiday season...in a month or two, when holes start appearing in the socks that you sent. Send your self an email and mention this thread. Go to the dollar store with $25, or maybe when spring cleaning comes around, take your unwanted items to a local shelter.

You will probably never meet the persons who benefit from your kindness. But take comfort in the fact that someone appreciates it.
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This is such a great idea. I wish they had amazon/target links in their wish lists so I could point, click and mail what people need. Otherwise, I need to find a local charity.
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How about One Warm Coat?
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