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Waddy. Waddy Watchel the amazing West Coast Gunslinger (rhythm /lead guitarist) for all the big acts around there back in the day. Always in tune and up to eleven. Here's a freebie of him driving "Lawyers Guns and Money" home........ courtesy the Internet Archive Live Music Archive ... so even if this post is totally irrelevant to what's going on in the world, and even if you are not impressed, the're might be some other little treat for any regular ol' rock fan at the archive.org link. No Romanian pop ups or viral code there (I think) ... nice.
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For you youngsters, I believe Waddy was also considered part of the famed 70's "California Mafia" gang of musicians which also included Jackson Brown, Linda Ronstadt, The Eagles (who themselves were former session guys), Warren Zevon, Randy Newman, Joe Walsh, Russ Kunkel (session guy), and a bunch of others I can't remember.
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I know he played on and or produced The Church's Starfish and I liked it quite a lot.
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Oh, and I think it's spelled Wachtel
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Not that I really need one, but this is a great excuse to put "Excitable Boy" on the turntable.
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The Internet Archive is so incredibly amazing and huge that I have been intentionally avoiding it, knowing that once I dip my little toe into that vast pool of content I may not come out for days.

Thanks for the reminder. The Live Music archive has several things I'd like to check out. Bookmarked for a day I'll have time.
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I was working on a steak the other day
And I saw Waddy in the Rattlesnake Cafe
Dressed in black, tossing back a shot of rye
Finding things to do in Denver when you die

Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead -- Warren Zevon
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great interview!
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great interview!
i agree
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Waddy also has a dark side. I've read both that he was convicted & sentenced to 3 years probation & that he was exonerated. I have no idea which is true; the few references I can find are pretty non-authoritative, ie some random guy on a BBS making the claim without any citation.
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I was reminded in that interview that he played on the Buckingham-Nicks album. The fact that that LP is not available on CD in the US is one of the best arguments for illegal file-sharing that I know.
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Waddy also recorded and toured with Keith Richards in the late 80s. My first introduction to him. If Keef likes him, he's alright with me!
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Waddy Wachtel, one of the great session men, just like this guy. Thanks for the link.
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Thanks, celerystick, for introducing me to a brother I didn't know I had.
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I did promotions for a club in Boise, Idaho back around 1980. Jackson Browne came to town for a concert for MUSE. I knew the promoter at the college and had him announce a party at my club after the concert. It was live on radio too so the club packed out.

We were hoping the band would show up and some did. Bonnie Raitt and Ry Cooder held court at a table but didn't play. Bill Payne grabbed keyboards. And this guy, Waddy Wachtel, who from the back of the club looked like a Capital "A" of hair with glasses ripped it up on some old blues standards. They wouldn't leave the stage and we were desperate to get the booze and beer off the tables by closing. Pure magic. Wish I would've snuck in a deck and taped.
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Thanks for the post. I've always thought that the session guys from the late '60s and '70s were some of the best rock musicians ever. I've always thought of Waddy Wachtel as sort of the Joe Dumars of rock music: not the flashiest, fairly unassuming, but you don't hesitate for a second before picking him first for your team.

Shooting guard: Waddy Wachtel
Point guard: Jeff Porcaro
Center: Leland Sklar
Small forward: Ry Cooder
Power forward: Russ Kunkel
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Sklar as a center? He'd die of a heart attack on the first fast-break...I mean, yes, hellacious bassist, but still....
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He is great and plays with a very infectious, positive attitude. Saw him a number of times backing various front people. A great show just to watch him. . .Growing up in LA had it's bennies.
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Wachtel also doesn't get the credit he deserves for Werewolves of London (self link)
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No David Lindley? No Craig Doerge?

Where's Jim Keltner?

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