The Robert Rauschenberg Reunion Tour
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The Robert Rauschenberg Renunion Tour [NYT]: Prolific American artist Robert Rauschenberg (previously discussed here) has a show opening at The Met on Tuesday (Dec. 20). [More Inside]
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Those unfamiliar with Rauschenberg's work can find many examples online.

This page has a really great image with a little explanation about what's involved.

Any mefites in the greater New York area should do their best to get to this show. I know I'm going to try to go myself, broke as I may be.
posted by grapefruitmoon at 8:59 AM on December 18, 2005

Rauschenberg and Kienholz still give me chills. Great links.
posted by bardic at 9:14 AM on December 18, 2005

I hope they set up Mud Muse. I love that piece. I'll be back in NYC on Wednesday, and this will be one of my first stops. Thanks for the links!
posted by milquetoast at 10:12 AM on December 18, 2005

...his painting instructor was the renowned Bauhaus figure Josef Albers, whose rigid discipline and sense of method inspired Rauschenberg, as he once said, to do "exactly the reverse" of what Albers taught him.

I love that. Now if he'd had, like, a Greasemonkey script to tune out Albers, Rauschenberg would have gone nowhere. That's why we have to have bad things.
posted by weapons-grade pandemonium at 11:30 AM on December 18, 2005

I love me some Rauschenberg. Thanks GFM!
posted by shoepal at 7:07 PM on December 18, 2005

His was the first art that really mattered to me.
posted by Peter H at 9:47 PM on December 18, 2005

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