The hidden language of things
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This media world of ours is teeming with hidden messages under the apparent ones. For instance: Bateman shows us Bush's actual meanings of his latest radio address. The Nightly Potato at AtomFilms is just one more spud in a tv universe of spuds. And you think you really understand "Who's on First?" Maybe you can, if you take a Star Wars approach at Squizzle.
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Thanks WildThang. I hadn't been to Batemania in a while and fallen behind on my Bateman365 viewing.
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First link is unwatchable. The head motions are distracting and the text goes by too fast. It's also written at about the level of a five-year-old as far as critique (You're a big fat LIAR!). The first time I tried to watch the second link, the audio was all garbled (it sounded like mumbling at 4× speed). The second time through, at normal speed, it was nowhere near as enjoyable. For best results, click on the fast-forward button in WMP. Admirable in its contempt, though. Third link: AWESOME.
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So I guess this is all dust in the wind since they'd never get 67 votes to impeach Bush. Will anything actually be done?
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67 votes or no, the important part of this is to keep putting the word out there. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sounded pissed--I mean, he supports the prez, but even he was roiling--I'm paraphrasing here, but Graham pointed out that they gave Bush the authority to wiretap IF there was a confirmed link to a terrorist organization AND the feds would, within 72 hours of starting the tap, go to the secret court that they set up to just inform the Judiciary that the tap was going on.

Graham said that the 72 hour window would give them the time to begin the tap, then confirm the Connexion to Terror, then advise the kangaroocourt. He saw no justification for going around this.

As Mrs. Bubba said this morning "this president is worse than my worst imaginings."
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I still remember the hearings in which John "Eagle Sore" Ashcroft responded to every question from the congressional committee about the potential for abuse of these powers by simply shaking his head sadly and saying "I don't think the President of the United States is going to abuse these powers." Which was not only a complete non-answer, betraying for the 1,000th time that Asscroft had no understanding of the purpose of the Constitution, but also, we now see, turned out to be completely false as well.
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Nice post! Stealth BushFilter.
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It is probably worse than it seems! If Bush allows NSA to do internal spying without courts overseeing, then NSA doing what it is not allowed to do. But then FBI is allowed to wire tap with court approval. Question; does FBI no longer need courts too?

Bush claims a few in Congress knew of this. We ought to have names of those fellow conspirators who blandly accepted this overturning of the legal system. (Bush said a few in both parties aware of this...that makes it ok? How many in Nazi party gather3ed to ok Jewish extermnination at Wanasee?

NSA "reads" suspicious things with use of dic tionary of key words (plus list of suspected baddies). Thus words such as Terrorism, NSA, CIA, Intifada, Jihad etc might "catch" attention. Use in all your emails and flood the system.

Given the size of NSA you would think that there would be many working there who would object and resign and then protest. And this show how things got off the ground in Nazi Germany when good folks said simply I was following orders.
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I liked the Bateman link.
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