The gender gap
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The gender gap : do women make less wages due to discrimination, or is it their own choice? Or a combination?
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We did this a couple months back. The result as I recall was that we decided that there's still a small overall difference between what women and men get paid for the identical job, but that it's not nearly as big as the stumper's say it is; their number includes things like overall choice of job (many women choose jobs that traditionally have had lower pay, skewing the overall results) and the like.

Take a look in the archives...
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Also an interesting take on the pitfalls encountered developing "computer games for girls"
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Is it redundant to suggest that these things should be decided on a case by case basis? In some instances men actually get paid less than women on average (UK male teachers for instance). Is that bias or just pay scale?
I don't think I said any of that last time.
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