Historical letters to a Virginia doctor
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I send you some of the urine I pass in the morning: A large, interesting, well-presented archive of notes and letters (includes facsimiles) written by ordinary Virginians in the early 19th century to a country doctor, William Carmichael of Fredericksburg. Also includes medical instruments and pharmaceuticals of the time, and browse a facsimile of the doctor's daybook. Carmichael also tended to the health of slaves.
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Absolutely fascinating. This is just the kind of primary source that really adds dimension to our picture of the past, helping to balance the ideas we get from costume parlor dramas. The frank, intimate nature of most of these writings makes it so much easier to grasp the humanity of these people. Check out the account of hermaphroditism.

Also noted: When a woman has a complaint, nine times out of ten it is a man who writes on her behalf., describing her symptoms, etc. There could be many reasons for this, (women's level of literacy, men being designated to deal with the doctor) but God, I'm thankful I can be my own medical agent.
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Now this is a Metafilter FPP! Before the News/BushFilter incursion really got legs, it was this kind of hard-to-find, intellectually stimulating, and just plain interesting material that was the hallmark of this site.

Bravo, Rumple. Great read!
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The discussions of various tonics and remedies, that's the best. I love seeing advertisements and labels and whatnot from the 19th and early 20th centuries, and this gives a personal touch to some of those early tries at medicine.

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This is a fantastic find. For once the kind of FPP where potentially little discussion means it was good.
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Excellent find! Thanks for sharing, Rumple.
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Really first rate -- let me join the chorus of thanks!
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awesome, thanks : )
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Very nice -- I read through a good deal of the letters this AM. The analysis paper is a great read that touches on a number interesting observations about the life & times of this doctor.

On a sidenote, I might be related to the "Waller" family that shows up in some of the letters! Gonna have to dig out my family tree :)

Great post!
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People said the same thing about Clinton! Er, I mean, thanks for the post.
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Fascinating stuff, thanks for this.
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Very interesting link; I couldn't resist passing it on.
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