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Crapulous, katzenjammer, tosspot- etymology of inebriation Good words for explaining what happend last night and has continued on in it's demonic form for many hours past it's welcome....
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Great link! Although I find it hard to believe that there are more slang words in English for inebriation than anything else...that can't be right, can it?
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feathermeat, I am sure that it is right. A few years ago I came across an essay in an anthology that listed about 100 euphemisms for "drunk". It dated from the 20s. A couple of our favorites were "owled" and "organized". We still use "organized" from time to time.

And I strongly advocate the use of "bar" to refer just to the counter. A "bar" is a piece of furniture that you find in a tavern or a pub. Unfortunately, I'm about 100 years behind the times in my preference.
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More links: In search of that 20s glossary, I found Drunktionary.
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...And Church Keys. A great list, but watch out for pop-ups, it's Tripod.
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Hey, I've written for Modern Drunkard!
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Check out

"Alcohol: Wordlore and Folklore"
Ernest L. Abel
Prometheus Books....NY
ISBN 0-87975-372-4

Looks like a lot of that article was culled from it.
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