December 13, 2000
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Is it me, or does MacOS Rumors really really suck nowadays? I used to read it religiously, but it rarely even posts rumors, assuming it posts at all. As an alternative, I've been reading As the Apple Turns lately, and at the very least it's funny and pretty tongue-in-cheek. Thank god.
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AppleTurns is +1, informative. OSX Talk is nifty, too.
posted by holloway at 11:31 PM on December 13, 2000

Mac OS Rumors has always suffered from poor writing and an overblown sense of its own importance. The difference now is that fewer people are willing to break confidentiality agreements at Apple these days, so there are fewer real rumors, and the lame writing must be applied to fevered imaginings. After all, something new must be posted regularly or people will stop visiting, which means the end of ad revenue. (One time I visited and they were running the PayPal referral banner, which tells you just how desperate they are for advertising.)
posted by kindall at 12:39 AM on December 14, 2000

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