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Flickr High Speed Photography Pool We have seen high speed photography here before, but this flickr group has so very many different objects exploding I thought it worth a post also. My favorite? Lettuce, being struck by a potato going 100mph. (via digg)
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fotofrog has a lot of time on his hands, as well as small high-velocity projectiles.
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Harold "Doc" Edgerton would enjoy this Flickr pool!
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Great stuff. Thanks.
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I'd actually give a semi-vital part of my anatomy to see something like Paris Hilton or either Simpson sister (among others I won't name for fear of late-night knocks on doors) being struck by a potato going 100mph.

Maybe we can take up a pool and get some cash together, they seem like they'll do just about anything for money.

Great post, tho, thanks. I've been meaning to rig up something like this for a long time, maybe this'll be a good kick in the butt.
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(or Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Falafel, upon thinking further....)
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I only wish I could have had a photo of the impact of a round from a 30.06 hitting an enormous frozen head of lettuce a few years ago on a drive across the country when I stopped a pal's house in the middle of nowhere (where you could totally sit on your back porch and blow things away with your hunting rifle). It was, in a word, magnificent!

This is cool though, I love high speed photography and would get into it if that that other link hadn't ably demonstrated what a serious pain in the ass it is to do. I just need a digi-cam that can shoot 1/3200 second shots. What's so demanding about that?
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[This is good]
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See also: makezine, a simpler trigger circuit.

fenriq: the trick is which 1/3200 second to photograph! High speed photos typically work by holding the camera shutter open for a comparatively long time, but setting off a xenon flash tube at the exact moment desired (triggered by contact, sound, or light). These flash tubes can get down to the range of 1/100,000 second or even faster. My flash is probably somewhere in the 1/3000 to 1/10000 range, though I don't know a good way to measure it for sure.

Self-links: 1 2

My favorite high-speed photo so far is the "US Quarter dropped in water" from self-link 2. It's not that great in absolute terms, but hey--I made it!
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Ooooh nice post and it'll make a nice RSS feed to add to by Netvibes page. Cheers.
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Lettuce, being struck by a potato going 100mph.

Yeah, baby! Every now and again someone has to remind us what the Internet is all about!
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This is such a cool photo! Thanks!
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nice links jepler. I'm rather fond of the pasta breaking one.
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[this is good]
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The fastest commercially available camera is the Imacon 200 digital CCD camera from DRS Technologies in the UK. It can image at a rate up to 200 million frames per second, but it can only take 16 frames at a time. Don't blink...

There's a gallery of images here, including a Quicktime/AVI video of a bullet impact on Kevlar armor (taken at a snail's pace of 200 thousand fps.)
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yes, jepler, nice work. I like the pasta one as well, and like you note, the ridges on the quarter making the water splash column ridged. very cool.
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jepler, I'd be proud of those shots as well, I like the pasta alot too. And yeah, I should have remembered that, past a certain point, high speed photography is less about the shutter and more about the flash.

Someday I'll have an workshop where I'll be able to create a photo room where I'll be able to experiment.

Thanks for sharing!
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Really cool, AND great photos in their own right. Thanks.
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