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The 2005 Chillits sets have been posted! This little Northern California sister of the Big Chill Festival is possibly my favorite annual music event. Even though the sets from this and last year are fantastic, my favorite is still the Mix Master Morris (aka the Irresistible Force) set from 2003. Ideal for fans of ambient chill and groove salad.
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analogue, I don't know much about the genre, can you recommend a specific torrent from the first link to get me started? Thanks for this cool post, BTW, wasn't aware of this event.
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I remember soaking in the wood-fired hottub in 2003 and thinking how amazing the music was.. I had to get out to see who was playing, and was happily surprised to see it was MMM!
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Cyberhippies! Back to your Mondo 2000!
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my favorite set this past year was Cubik vs. Origami -- those guys did an amazing hybrid dj/ableton live/instrumentation set, but if ultra chill is what you're after, I'd reccomend the lovely mellow megan hug set. heck, just torrent the whole frickin' thing, you won't regret it. speaking of megan, her 2003 set is also the stuff of ambient chill legend.
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This is really cool, I can't wait to go zone out for a couple hours... thanks analogue!
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I was at the Big Chill a couple of years ago and was pretty underwhelmed, to be honest. It was just far too... laid back... for me. I realise that this is akin to going on holiday to Africa and complaining about the heat but I want a bit of hedonism with my festivals. Big Chill was like a family-friendly holiday camp or something. Everything shut down so early. Hundreds of young parents with trendy 3-wheeled pushchairs.

Nonetheless, these sets look great - have just started streaming the MMM one. Anything that starts with God Only Knows can't be bad.
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This is so cool. Thank you.
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Wow. Thanks!
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The music festival for people who don't really like music.
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Anything on there that isn't the same old pop crap?
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(serious [semi] question)
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there's no pop crap in there that I could find, however, I encourage you to prove me wrong.
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Unless that Pop crap is sampled and warped I would not imagine so. LOL.
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I should clarify that even though Chillits was partly inspired by the Big Chill, there's no direct link between the two events. Chillits began as a production by The Cloud Factory, has remained very small (due largely to physical constraints) and fiercely non-commercial, and is run entirely by volunteers from a number of San Francisco Bay Area communities (now also including Friends & Family, the Semiconsicous Liberation Army, Ambient Airlines, good ol' SomaFM, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some.) This is arguably the open source ethic applied to throwing a party.

And, of course, the definition of "chill music" varies widely -- which is entirely the point. For example, this year dj pie and I (dr.jd, but credited only as "JD" in these listings) surprised everyone a bit by playing hip-hop Friday night. Skip the first five minutes of our set, though; it's a long story.

Most of all, enjoy! Though created for one particular environment, it is wonderful to see our music enjoyed by so many more people.
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Barry: Top 5 songs about death. A Laura's Dad tribute list, okay? Okay. Leader of the Pack. The guy fuckin' beefs it on his motorcycle and dies, right? Dead Man's Curve. Jan & Dean.
Dick: Do you know that right after they recorded that song Jan himself crashed his car...
Barry: It was Dean you fuckin' idiot...
Rob: It was Jan. It was a long time after the song.
Barry: Okay, whatever. Tell Laura I Love Her. That would bring the house down - Laura's Mom could sing it. You know what I'd want? One Step Beyond by Madness. And, uh, You Can't Always Get What You Want.
Dick: No. Immediate disqualification because of its involvement with The Big Chill.

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yeah, megan's 2003 set is the best shoegaze evar! mmmm, chillits.

and while we're at it, let me recommend T vs. T's set from 2004, as well as the set of the incomparable Nick Phillip from that year.

and jd, don't tell people to skip the first 5 minutes of our set--maybe they *want* 5 minutes of relaxing ocean sounds...devolving into hypnotherapy... :)
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Mmm, T vs. T. What ever happened to those guys? (That's a rhetorical question -- analogue knows.)

Come to think of it, that opening hypnotherapy actually was pop crap -- half a song from a pop crap artist, anyway. First person to recognize it (artist & album) should reward themselves with a hearty laugh and perhaps a cookie.
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This is the kind of post that gives me warm fuzzies. Especially with a chick with pink hair who just did a tab. God bless 'em every one.
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Niceee! Thanks dude.. now i'm yearning to lay my head down on the grass, somewhere sunny and take off
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Wow, thanks!

I'd heard good things about this event, but travelling long distances to a chill festival just seemed a bit... wrong.
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Whoa! The Cloud Factory is still around? Thanks!
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"They're either married or gay. And if they're not gay, they've just broken up with the most wonderful woman in the world, or they've just broken up with a bitch who looks exactly like me. They're in transition from a monogamous relationship and they need more space. Or they're tired of space, but they just can't commit. Or they want to commit, but they're afraid to get close. They want to get close, you don't want to get near them."

Oh sorry, wrong Big Chill. I mean this one doesn't include a funeral and all of your old college friends does it?
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wow listening to the df tram set now it is awesome as well as the christopher morin ! are they gonna post setlists for these ?

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I enjoyed these, thanks.
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