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Virgin Comics. You've sold records, broke records (sort of), flown balloons (and planes), furthered communication, worked on a railroad, launched an airline and promised to send us to space*, not to mention several other forays into fashion, restauranteuring, books and film. So what do you do next? Sell comic books with Deepak Chopra, obviously. (via Warren Ellis's Bad Signal)
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broken records
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It's too early to react to this, I think. While I'm firmly on the side that says the more comics, the better, a comics publisher is only as good as the writers and artists he hires. We'll see where this goes.
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I'm with Faint of Butt. My guy said "Awesome, more comics". But then my brain said "Shit, most comics suck." Interesting news, but comic artists and writers aren't really the kind of people who shop around for the biggest contract. And using his huge stack of Benjamins to get neat things done is what Branson is best at. I'm not sure that will necessarily succeed here. But I'm willing to wait and see.
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My gut.
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Having no opinion on comic (in general) I would like to applaud this FPP -

Because it is interesting.
Because it took some time to build.
Because it has more than one link, and the links provided are from a variety of places.
Because it noted a previous MeFi posting on the topic.

Thank you for taking the time, building this FPP and sharing the info.

Sadly, I now return you to the wave of one-post FPPs.
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More comics is good and all, but it looks like they're going to focus on a more manga influenced than Golden/Silver Age-influenced Western stuff. Given how the local Border's manga section rivals the Romance section for size, that's a pretty good business idea. I know I'm intimidated by the host of little books that have been slowly crowding my larger, more colorful, and way more expensive graphic novels out of the aisle.
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"Chopra’s son Gotham" - word

from the "sell" link
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Deepak Chopra is a massive tool
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Deepak Chopra is a massive tool.

Indeed. Actually, I've never met the man. Never even read one of his books. But his tool-iality was revealed to me during my stint as a Waldenbooks minion. Without fail, a single appearance of Chopra on Oprah (ha!) would guarantee a solid three days of retail Hell while we scrambled to come up with more and more copies of Ageless Mind, Timeless Body.

"Hey, hey, hey! Joo got that there Deeper Choker book in here anywheres?!?"

Quickly, I grew to resent his grinning visage and do to this day.
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A friend of mine interviewed Chopra for a one paragraph piece in a women's magazine. He fedexed over a box of ten books. I don't know if that's good or bad but it does say something about him.
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Best. Title. Ever.
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My favorite thing about Virgin's forays into everything is that their stuff is invariably on the clearance sites two months later, after they give up.
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robocop is bleeding: Sadly, the Harlequin initiative into romance comics, in particular the manga-sized volumes, has fallen flat on its face. Since Harlequin represents the Type-A Supergorilla in that genre, I sort of wonder if Branson stands a chance going that route. Hopefully, he'll utterly astound me (and other comics readers) by trying the straight fiction route and playing with the medium a bit more.
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The Guardian has a piece by Tom Bower (who wrote a biography of Richard Branson) which succinctly corrects the widespread impression of how successful Virgin has actually been.

Virgin Cola, Virgin Money, Virgin Vie, Virgin Vision, Virgin Vodka, Virgin Wine, Virgin Jeans, Virgin Brides, Virgin Cosmetics, Virgin Cars, Virgin Express, V2, Virgin Trains...
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Richard Branson and Donald Trump could have a whole section of a museum related to failed vanity ventures. My folks were telling me that their chunk of New Mexico is all aflutter with Virgin Galactic placing its spaceport there, and all I could do is wonder how long it's going to be before that's an empty sandworm nesting ground.
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Virgin should animate Devon Aoki instead. Those comics would actually sell because she is so hot right now.
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If I were Branson, I'd close up shop and concentrate entirely on Virgin Brides, because c'mon, you're not gonna outdo that one in the nomenclature sweepstakes.

And yeah, while I welcome another comics publisher -- especially one working in Asia, which is definitely the planet's most interesting comics market -- I'll bet it either never gets entirely off the ground or folds in less than three years. Virgin's attention span for new businesses is hilariously short -- I'd love to see time-lapse photography of the Virgin Electrionics displays in Virgin Megastores, watching them shrink, wither, and vanish over the course of... must've been a few hours or less, right?
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Electronics, that is. This thread has been a typo-hunter's pornographic playground.
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Neat tag.
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so confused. what KIND of comics? seriously... I've seen these upstart businesses go under not because of their material so much as their popularity. I don't understand what demographic they're shooting for. Indie comics are pretty well covered as well as mainstream...

...ok, ignore this as the insane rantings of a geek. later.
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Just last night, at the wine tasting near my office, I noticed a bottle of wine with the virgin logo on it. The guy definetly enjoys life. A quick read of any legal contract from him is good for several laughs...

From the Terms of Use for http://www.virgindigital.com/ :


The usage of the Virgin Digital software is at your sole risk, and all risk as to all aspects of the service including quality, accuracy, and performance is on you. Yes, we worked hard to make this thing great. But, regardless, it is provided "as is" and without any warranty at all. Should the software not work correctly (or affect the performance of your toaster or other small appliances in your home), you assume the entire cost of any servicing or correction. Sorry if this sounds harsh. If it helps, think of this past paragraph being read aloud by a chorus of small leprechauns. With lisps. And gas. There, that's better.

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Just in ... looks like some of these new comics are going to become animated as well.
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