Quake done Chopped!
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Quake done Chopped. Courtesy of Speed Demos Archive. From those obsessive FPSers at Quake done Quick, this is a complete runthrough of the original Quake 7 years in the making, dispatching all enemies but zombies with only the axe. If you have Quake you can get the demo files here, otherwise you'll have to download the huge .avi from archive.org (main link). If you're interested in other QdQ movies - or simply shorter ones, may I recommend QdQ With a Vengeance (12:23 on Nightmare, avi here) as a fantastic introduction, Scourge Done Slick (an expansion, considered the best - avi here) or find others at Machinima.com.
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Caveat - I'm still downloading the 350mb, hour long movie but I'm sure it will be as good as the others I linked, which are worth a download regardless. Hope you guys take the time, even in this day and age this is a rather large download but it was too cool not to post.
posted by BlackLeotardFront at 5:00 PM on January 7, 2006

Awesome stuff, thank you!

Anyone have a .torrent?
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I'd be more impressed if it wasn't level 0 easy, but that's still an amazing accomplishment. The original Quake rocked; it's why I got a Pentium.
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Speedruns interest me only mildly, but some of the movies you can watch at own-age (Q3 for the most part) have great entertainment (and trick-jump educational) value (if you're keen on that kind of thing), and amazing production values. Not machinima, exactly. More like best-of sports replay compilations, with great soundtracks, usually.
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Quake was the best video game I have ever played, including its sequels etc. Doom comes in a close second, and may even beat if for pure gameplay. Graphics and all have come a long way since, but there is something quite special about these early 3D FPS games, a freshness and creativity that the others just never really matched.
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Hah, watched the demo files at full speed in about 10 minutes. Even on easy they get in the red quite a few times, but yeah... insane.
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There's a band around town here called Contraband. They perform the music from Contra while two guys play through the game, which is projected on the wall. Quite a sight to behold. I understand they're working on Megaman. That should be even more amazing. Do you remember how hard Megaman was?
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just finished downloading, and its pretty freakin crazy. That's all I have to say.
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Scourge--Thanks, I've been trying to watch that for years. It always froze for me somewhere in the two hundreds.

What gives with the edge enhancement in the rendering used for the avi?
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Yo tomplus2, that was really awesome. I am glad I never had to play these fellows, that would have been a crying game on my end.
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Wow, this is pretty awesome. I remembered the QdQ guys back in the day when I was a major quake player - and they were mind boggling back then, but they still bring back the same kid like awe feeling. Big kudos to these guys. Thanks for link.
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See also a related post I made back in ought 4.
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