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need help with breakfast? mr breakfast has product reviews, recipes, and lots of other things dedicated to the most important meal of the day
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loving this link- takk!
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Good morning, Mr. Breakfast!
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If you're just feeling snacky: snack food reviews. I love a site that lets me browse for reviews of "spherical" snacks.
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For your breakfast-cereal-specific needs: The Empty Bowl. It hasn't been updated much as of late, but it's got a great archive.
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Excellent site!

I'd also like to mention John Thorne's breakfast diary. His cooking style leans toward the unctious and savory, with meats, marrow, and liver well-represented. He appears to be updating his website, so you maw want to check the Internet Archive for his manifesto, "In Defense of the Savory Breakfast".
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Oh, that's a man after my own heart.
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"so you may want to check out"

oh, man, Freud would be proud of that slip.

*marinates furiously*
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Does that breakfast make me look fat?
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God bless America! Any dish that contains potatoes even if they are not deep fried can help fight terrorism with an appropriate name - Freedom Scramble
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Holy crap. At first I dismissed this site as nothing more than another recipe site with a mildly-amusing mascot. After reading that Tom Cruise "article" though, I was inspired to check out others, like Breakfast on Death Row. "What if McVeigh didn't find the notion of an early breakfast 'ridiculous'? What if on that fateful morning in 1995, he cozied up to a diner counter and had a cup of coffee, a waffle and glanced over the newspaper?"

What a fabulous piece of performance art!
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Compare this to Mediterranean Breakfast Patterns
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Fourstar, I can't tell about the other Mediterranean countries, but what that article says about Spain is quite inaccurate and misleading. It even makes up words that doesn't exist in Spanish...
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This review for Swanson's Hungry Man All Day Breakfast made me laff.

Now you may think I'm being overly obvious here - everyone knows TV dinners are bad for you, right? This is true, but Swanson's new breakfast takes it to a level which previously could only be achieved by eating entire alternate universes made only of prosciutto.
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The description of Norm's in this excerpt is spot-on.
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That's Dr Breakfast! He didn't spend all that time in breakfast school to have his breakfast erudition questioned.

(Those Flaxseed Oatmeal Pancakes sound good)
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Those Flaxseed Oatmeal Pancakes sound good

To a budgie, a hog or a scotsman, perhaps. He doesn't seem that erudite to me. ie:

"eating the wrong foods is like shooting heroin."

I've just had a bowl of Cocoa Pops, a cup of tea with whole milk and two sugars and three cigarettes and I'm damned if I can discern even the merest inkling of a nod.

I'll try upping the dose tomorrow.

And is it just me, or does anyone else get the sense that Mrs. Breakfast might be a beard? He might look like Popeye, but she's definitely no Olive Oyl.
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249 Ways to Enjoy Toast
Number 249: LaVerne R. likes toast topped with pan-fried sardines, onions and mustard. Mr Breakfast suggests a fourth ingredient... a toothbrush!
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Not long finished my late breakfast of veggie cumberland sausage, fat-cut fried potatoes (chips in the UK), mushrooms, tomato & two slices of gluten-free bread (it's like crumpets - bloody great stuff) all fried together in olive oil & served with baked beans.

Apart from the above, the best breakfasts in the world are/were served at:

1. Mario's Cafe, Kelly Street, Kentish Town London (fantastically out-of-date website). Not so much a cafe, more a way of life.

2. Unamed food establishment behind my cousin's old apartment in Colombo 3, Sri Lanka. You haven't lived until you've had curry for breakfast (egg curry, of course) nearly every day for a month.

3. Millennium Hilton, Church Street, NY, NY. First place I ever ate breakfast in the US. Had nearly everything you can get in an American breakfast. I had to extend my checkout time 'cos I couldn't move for about an hour after I'd finished.

Honourable mention to the Dumb Waiter, Sydney Street, Brighton , UK. Nice neighbours too

The worst breakfast in the world was served at the Twin Dolphin Inn, Morro Bay, CA. I'd never really come up against the delightful motel 'breakfast included' before this. Holy 95% sugar Batman...
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The London Review of Breakfasts.
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