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How to Improve.... Everything A great motivational e-diary that is perfect for MLK Day.
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dance as if nobody's watching.
posted by Hat Maui at 9:22 PM on January 15, 2006

Safety dance?
posted by 517 at 9:23 PM on January 15, 2006

turn that smile upside-down:(

posted by Hat Maui at 9:23 PM on January 15, 2006

To learn my teachings, I must first teach you how to learn.
If you can balance a tack hammer on your head, you will head off your foes with a balanced attack.
posted by splatta at 10:35 PM on January 15, 2006

"The divergent metaphysical bollywagle we often fixate upon in massive contemplationary measures." um... Anyone want to post that as the definition of MetaFilter?
posted by Cranberry at 11:51 PM on January 15, 2006

There's something a wee bit icky about mentioning the bibble on that weblog in the same breath as Dr. King, no? (Though I will remain ever-grateful for being introduced to the word bollywaggle!)
posted by jack_mo at 6:26 AM on January 16, 2006

I'd rather have a free bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.
posted by ZenMasterThis at 7:08 AM on January 16, 2006

Mr. Graham-Haynes sounds like an interesting guy. This entry, entitled "From Homeless to Harvard," says that his life changed when he was presented with a $500,000 check by a Rockefeller, which he then used to purchase a Volvo, some Yahoo stock, and finish his education, which began with a G.E.D., led to Williams College, and culminated in an M.Ed. from Harvard. At the time he was presented with this money, he says he was a top insurance salesman on Martha's Vineyard.

I'd love to know what it was about Mr. Graham-Haynes that inspired such largesse.

Interesting story; good link.
posted by jayder at 7:30 AM on January 16, 2006

Um, Abby Rockefeller the alleged benefactor died in 1976.
posted by storybored at 8:29 AM on January 16, 2006

According to this link, there are several Abby Rockerfellers.
posted by matkline at 3:17 PM on January 16, 2006

Good point. Of the three Abbys there is one surviving: Abby Rockefeller Milton, born 1928.

Alas after this the trail grows cold...
posted by storybored at 8:30 AM on January 17, 2006

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