Jeff Wall
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Jeff Wall - The Tate Modern just closed up a "major retrospective" of Wall's (more info about Wall) work, but has saved the experience in this rich online presence, including a timeline of his works and influence, interviews, archived discussions of his works, and more (via ArtKrush)
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Thanks tpl1212. I'm always interested in seeing Jeff Wall's work. I remember him from UBC in the sixties, when he was drawing cartoons for the Ubyssey.
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Thanks for the post. Great stuff.

I love this photograph.
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This is fantastic; this is what the web should be used for.

Also note, especially since the knives come out from so many when discussing post-modernism around here, that Wall is a quintessentially post-modern photographer: he makes narrative ambiguous, he destroys the concept of photographic veracity by using digital montage and staging (yet maintains the patina of documentarianism even through his sense of the cinemagraphic), and has a lot of emphasis on both the sub-altern and the differences between people.
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