The elusive muffler bearing.
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Long sought after, Kale Automotive finally provides a source for quality replacement muffler bearings. They also offer performance parts like crossdrilled brake lines. Now if only someone would offer this sort of service for aviation: I'm still trying to find prop wash in 5 gallon buckets.
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Well, they do have this car->plane conversion kit
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Shit, they are sold out of blinker fluid.
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In the machine shop we were always looking for a quality hole-mover. And of course, the construction trade is in need of a source for wallboard stretchers.
I remember an old guy who went through the european apprentice system as machinist saying that they would send an apprentice try to unscrew the horn on the anvil with a pipewrench.
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hehehehe Johnson Rod.
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Any ex-sailors out there remember being told to watch out for a mail buoy? (Or to try to catch a sea bat?)
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Sweet. I totally needed one of those 710 caps.
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Gotta love the O-pipe dual exhaust.
This is great. Thanks, supermag!
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"I'm still trying to find prop wash in 5 gallon buckets."

It's right in-between the 100 yard rolls of flightline and the quarts of pneumatic fluid.
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Just to the left of the propeller pitch.
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Abraham and Isaac sittin' on a fence
You'd get right to work if you had any sense
You know the one thing we need is a left-handed monkey wrench
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HA! I had forgotten all about this site. Funny stuff.
Everybody should really think about getting this for their ride:
Engine Oil Bypass Kit
Modern synthetic oil is very expensive - so why run the risk of getting it dirty by running it through your motor block? KaleCoAuto bypass kit comes with everything you need to run the oil around your motor block where it will do more good. Oil runs cooler, and as a result, there may be horsepower gains!
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Ynoxas: I got the last can of blinker fluid.
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And if you're going out on a boat, besides having the various ropes for rigging, make sure your have 100' coil of shore line, in case of emergency.
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You know, now that they make these, muffler bearings might actually become something you will need to buy...
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my brother was in a national guard program for kids, and one time they took them all out with them on a weekend manuvers. the sergeant told my brother he needed a box of grid squares for the maps. he was off for 2 hours trying to find some.
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One of the good ones the Marines are using these days is to send a guy to the supply room for a "stack of E-3s".

Of course, all the E-3s standing around the supply room are more than happy to oblige by piling on the poor bastard.
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I've got this in 2lb jars if needed. Contact info in profile.

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What, no Thurman units?
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[this is good]
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When I worked at the SeaTac Airport (SEA) we'd send n00bs over to Alaska Airlines for stuff like flight line & prop wash. We used to harrass Northwest but they caught on and would start sending the n00b back with random stuff. the bucket of (used) blue lav fluid was probably the nastiest.
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ha- grid squares are easy to find.. it's the illuminated grid squares that are a bitch to find. that and sound powered phone batteries.

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Sure, but try to find yourself a replacement gonkalator armature.
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alumshubby, felix - When my brother was on the Yarnell and later the Blue Ridge, they used to send people looking for the BT punch.
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Ironic that there's a google ad for this real (but bogus) product on this web site.
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On my brother-in-law's ship (CVN 73) they send the slower enlisted people looking for cans of bulkhead remover.

In my scouting days we'd send the younger kids to get a few feet of fallopian tubing or maybe a left-handed smoke shifter (you see, we had a left-handed fire).
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I heard a story from a Marine friend in Hawaii - They sent a noob out for "flight line" early one morning. Not being a total dumbass, he didn't fall for it, exactly. He headed off-base to the Navy base, and talked to some of the guys that worked on carriers. His superiors were aghast to see the noob driving back with a spool of the arrest line (from carrier decks) on a flatbed. (or something like that; likely apocryphal)
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Did boyfriend overcharge for changing headlight fluid? (Subscription link.) "Dear Tom and Ray: - I am writing you at my dad's request. Recently, my boyfriend offered to change the oil in my car for me. He charged me $45 for parts and nothing for the work. He said most of the cost was to refill the fluid levels in the headlights. When I informed my dad of this, he called me an idiot and told me not to see this boy ever again. When I asked why, he said to write to you guys. I don't understand. My boyfriend said he used the 'halogen' type fluid, which is supposed to be better than the standard type. What did I do wrong?" Yes, yes, via F*rk.
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Me (SGT) and a squad leader (SSG) in our platoon had the squad using those syringe-type things (we called them "vampires") to take oil samples from the 5-tons in our motor pool, and we convinced one unfortunately gullible and new-to-the-unit PFC that we needed exhaust samples as well. We got called into the truckmaster's office in a hurry when the PFC was spotted on the roof of a 5-ton cab trying to hold a big plastic bag over the exhaust stack with the motor running, but the truckmaster kept breaking up laughing when he was chewing us out any time he looked out the window. . . .
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I love stuff like this. Apparently putting in a request at your US Army supply depot for a dozen of item number "Bravo Alpha Eleven Hundred November Sierra" gets you something unexpected.

At one of my former jobs (a repro place), I was sent on a mission to pick up a Yellow Sponge Repair Kit. I did quite a bit of running around searching until one of the fellas I asked about it told me to look next to the Lateral Elevator...

*sigh* ahhh, youth and stupidity. :)

I'll have to try coming up with something like this that will work on game biz noobs. Pixel grease, perhaps? Shader polish? A case of texture wrappers, maybe.
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Delmoi: Screw the car->plane conversion kit, they've got Flux Capacitors on sale for only 175,000!

Mine cost me about a hundred and fifty mil a piece... but that was in 2390 AD. Or was that BC? Must be those cheapass electrolytic barium models, anyway. Gotta have tungsten and cobalt. Damn dark energy/zero point flux keeps eroding the terminals when you head out too far...
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Oh, yeah, the BT punch...lay below to the forward fire room and the biggest BT on the ship will be happy to'll regain consciousness about ten minutes later.
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Oh, and my dad, who fixed howitzers in the army, once mentioned sending FNGs to get the "muzzle report."
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This is all a riot. Thanks!
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Re the supply depot's dozen item number "Bravo Alpha 1100 November Sierra" -- a popular task was to send a FNG to inventory the number of pieces of Troop Recreation and Exercise Equipment behind Battalion HQ.
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