Mediblog Winners 2005
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Medblogfilter: medGadget has announced the winners of the 2005 Medical Weblog Awards. (more inside)
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The overall Winner is Tom Reynolds for his accomplished blog Random Acts of Reality, where he recounts stories and personal opinions on his work as an E.M.T. in London. He won both Best Medical blog as well as Best Literary Medical Blog. The rest of the winners can be seen easily enough in the FPP link. (Personal favorites of the winners: Nee Naw and
A few more links for all your mediblog needs:
The Health Care Blog for you Americans
Grand Rounds for a weekly summary of the best posts in the medical blogosphere. See also Reynolds' contribution for further reading. Warning: lots of time consuming links.

Sorry about the somewhat wide breadth of topics of these mediblogs, but as I confess to knowing next to nothing about medicine (aside from dating a nurse), I am thoroughly fascinated by these unique inside views into the science and practice provided by the various blogs available.
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Thanks, slimepuppy! But I was rooting for over my med body! to win. It's written by gramcracker one of our own mefites who I first discovered through Medslist on Mefi Projects. His blog has a great look as well as interesting content. Check out the live search box - cool!

There's a healthy medblog community, and some are really interesting to read even for those of us who aren't medical people. I started paying attention for one of my clients, and now I check out that Grand Rounds weekly - usually some good stuff. Medlogs is a blog aggregator, and another good source.
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Thanks madamjujujive, really good links there.

Glad to see I'm not the only one with a bizarre fetish for medical weblogs...
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