"a sticky, glutinous substance called oshiroi"
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Ancient rice festival has reputation smeared by 'therapeutic' facial cream claims. [link SFW]
A Fukuoka festival dating back to ancient times is growing increasingly popular with Japan's adult movie fans because it involves smearing gooey, white liquid all over the faces of participants.
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Oh all the users to post this link, I'm glad it was you
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A one-link post to a 150 word article? Man, you could have at least fleshed this post out by linking to some.....

Actually, nevermind.
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Oshiroi Festival

Oshiroi festival is a curious festival whose origins date back to more than 400 years ago. The powder of newly harvested rice is dissolved in water and then painted on the faces of celebrants, Oshiroi is a festival of thanksgiving for abundant crops. It is sand that by examining how well the powder sticks to the celebrants' faces, one can forecast the coming year's harvest. It is comical to see the celebrants weaving their way home after the ritual, since you cannot tell who's who at a glance.
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Oshiroi matsuri
Powder Festival
Praying for the good harvest of rice in next year, participants powder the flour made from current year's rice.
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Did you do this just so bukkake.metafilter.com would have content?
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wtf indeed...
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a friend of mine has pointed out that while the article claims bukake means "to splatter," it actually translates to "violently pour." just sayin'.
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Doesn't seem all that strange or 'new' since the article even states that the Oshiroi rice base is meant to symbolize fertility as in the Onda festival.
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*that is, as the sake does in the Onda festival.
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In Nagasaki, they like bukakke

[NSFW - unless you work in a frathouse maybe.]
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This article further down the page was funnier (at least the headline, anyway):

Successful spurt leaves Hard Gay with limp bottom line
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Depending on your corporate filter, any link or page associated with the phrase "PenguinBukkake" might be liable to be NSFW.....
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"It's make or break for Hard Gay in 2006," the TV insider tells Asahi Geino. "It's hard to see him surviving just by going around screaming out 'whooo' and alternatives to what has become his trademark call haven't kicked off nearly as well."

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