I'm not Brad F'n Pitt.
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I'm not Brad F'n Pitt. Everyone's favorite fake celebrity diary has cleared house today, leaving one of the most contrite apologies I've ever seen. Methinks one of the real Pitt's handlers caught an eyeful of the fictionalized accounts of constant drug use, the assorted sex with various celebrities (including Willard Scott), and Jen Aniston's shower habit and slapped a cease and desist on "Pitt." Although the main link's been deactivated, the entries are still there.
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Now there's not too much in Diaryland that excites me...well, maybe the sex talk from the junior high girls...

just kidding.
posted by schlomo at 5:20 PM on December 15, 2000

There's sex talk?

From Junior High School girls?

Where; where?! :-)
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I hope I can spider this down before it gets deleted. Hil AR ious. At least in small doses.
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Does anyone know who's behind this? I haven't been following the site and a cursory look around doesn't seem to provide any evidence of the author's identity (other than that damnhellasskings.com link). Anyone?
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Fourteen page legal document, ouch.
posted by Georgina at 7:37 AM on December 16, 2000

Maybe this is why it got shut down. Notice that it's the first returned result.
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And actually, if you click on Google's "similar pages" link, you'll find the site referenced by Georgina, above.
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The site has now been resurrected at dickblow.diaryland.com, it wasn't linked from bradpitt.diaryland at the time this thread started (but is now), and I just noticed this like 6 days after the thread started. And yeah, I would imagine the Google ranking was exactly why Pitt's lawyers found it, although there were also some very young and idiotic Pitt fans trying to start some petition or something a while ago to get it shut down.
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