CAG spying in Haiti
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Nefarious deeds in Haiti by the Consultants Advisory Group. Kathryn Cramer exposes n'er do wells acting in Haiti, operating out of Panama. Given the recent goings on in Haiti, one can only speculate as to the extent of their involvement...
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Great resource:
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This is one of the best journalistic efforts ever undergone by a blog.
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Don't forget the general who committed suicide.
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What the hell kind of name is Consultants Advisory Group, anyway? If ever a name was devised to convey the least amount of information or identity...
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(Oh, I dunno. I work for a place called The Omni Group, which is also about as generic a name as you can get. We aren't mercenaries though.)
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More shenanigans from Lazylefargue. There is still uncertainty about the "suicide" of General Urano Teixeira da Matta Bacellar the Brazilian commander of the UN in Haiti.
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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Visit Haiti
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Kathryn Cramer Publishes Lies to Harm Relations Between MINUSTAH and Cité-Soliel Residents. The website is being used by an American fiction editor/writer to spread false rumors designed to harm relations between MINUSTAH and the residents of Cité-Soleil. Cramer would like people to believe the UN has hired spies to upset the elections and mercenaries to shoot Haitians from patrol boats waiting in the waters off Cité-Soleil. This is blatantly false. Cramer is lying. To support her claims, Cramer is publishing a set of forged documents and presentations supposedly produced by MINUSTAH. MINUSTAH spokespersons have repeatedly stated these presentations are fakes designed to spread anti-UN propaganda and contribute to the insecurity of the Haitian people struggling to survive in Cité-Soleil. These lies come just in time to do the most harm as the February 7 elections draw near. The story Cramer tells is a lie with no basis in truth. By continuing to publish these false UN documents Cramer is supporting the evil propaganda of the criminal gangs and the ADLN. Cramer has also been claiming that CAG is somehow involved in these nefarious deeds. CAG is not in the business of spying, conducting surveillance or any form of covert “black-ops” as Cramer contends. CAG is an international management consulting firm actively involved and deeply committed to finding enduring solutions for the complex institutional and infrastructure problems of the nation. CAG is neutral regarding all political matters and sincerely desires to continue its support for the Haitian people no matter which candidate wins office.
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Welcome aboard CAG Haiti! (great user name by the way!)

Thanks for your cogent and reasoned insight into the world of merciless corporate killing machines - I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling strangely foolish about my previous negative feelings towards you and your colleagues.

Now, of course, I have a name to attach to those mental images of disinterested murder and I feel a lot happier about your activities - they may be dark and wet but if they contribute to "finding enduring solutions for the complex institutional and infrastructure problems of the nation" who am I to be disturbed by them?

I have to say CAG Haiti, I'm really looking forward to your first FPP. Will it be a charming flash game? A collection of images of 16th Century commodes?

Do you have an LJ I could look at?
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