"Why would Marvel agree to this?"
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Mighty Morphin' Spider Ranger. In 1978, Japanese company Toei produced a TV show for a live-action version of Spider-Man. It's like the American version, with just a few small differences, such as Spider-Man gaining his powers from a bracelet given to him by an old man in a cave. Also, he has a giant robot and fights aliens. The entire first episode is viewable online, which has been accentuated with deliberately incorrect subtitles.
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Credit due here: I first found out about the existence of the show when logovisual linked to a video of just the opening sequence on his blog. After some looking I was ecstatic to discover the entire show was on the interweb.
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"OMFG there's a robot.....why is there a robot?"

Brilliant, thank you so much for this!
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This reminded me of 3 Dev Adam for some reason... except with a much less violent Spiderman.
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Have you ever seen anyone get such sweet, sweet speed on a bike?
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Don't forget to clean youe ears!
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Ten kinds of awesome.
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the way that guy moves when he's fighting is shameful. why did stan lee do this to our friendly neighborhood spiderman? this is probably worse than the clone saga!
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"How could Marvel ever agree to something like this?"

Funniest thing I've seen in a long time.
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Seems to be loading slowly, but there is no way I am missing this.
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Pretty, pretty, pretty good.
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That was gay on so many levels!

But also great!

I like the monster: "I am the one that reaserches naked 8-year old for M.O.E.!"

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The subtitles are retarded. It would be hilarious otherwise. Why do kids always feel they have to put their clever stamp on everything? Most things like this are funnier if left alone.
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[OMFG... This is good.]
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Ditto what cribcage said. They couldn't make up their minds whether they were using the subtitles to:
- Editorialize and/or mock the material
- Spoof the material (i.e. translate it "funny")
- Translate it straight.

Pick one and stick with it. Given that the real humor of this is innate rather than anything they thought they could add to it, the last choice would have been by far the best.
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