Antique Jade Carvings
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Ancient jades: Fascinating, beautiful, intricate carvings. Utilitarian, decorative, and of course historical.
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Also, previously.
posted by Gator at 7:26 AM on January 24, 2006

I've been digging through these for awhile. Beautiful stuff, it is a shame that so much is sold through antiquities dealers, shedding bits of historical context along the way.
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I love jade, I have none, I appreciate the post.
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Lovely post, thanks.
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Not a lot of people stop over in Taipei except for business reasons, but if you are there, for whatever reason, please, please visit the Lantien Shanfeng Collection at the
National Palace Museum. Do yourself a favour, spend two or three days there, it is one of the must see places before you.... whatever.
Gator, thanks for a great post!
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Jade is awesome, and made the highest quality weapons during the stone age.

I've seen model ships carved from jade - the most impressive had functional chains carved from solid stone, presumably from a vein within the stone with a lighter colour.
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My dad brought me home a foot-tall jade rooster when I was a kid, and he was stationed in Vietnam by his employer. It's a beautifully carved piece, and has the added attraction of letting brag to people about my 12 inch jade cock (if I'm feeling really juvenile that day [which is most days]).
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