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Captain Jackson (not to be confused with the other one), along with his teammates Crimefighter Girl and the Queen of Hearts, patrolled the streets of Jackson, Michigan and made celebrity appearances and public service announcements while working in hand with Jackson police. But it's time to turn in the cape: after a DWI, the Captain's identity is revealed. While not exactly Batman, Captain Jackson was one of the few real-life superheroes working to help the public in costume. Will someone take up the tights? A few tips for aspiring superheroes.
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Fortunately, the guy was in "civilian clothes" when he was arrested. That being the case, I wonder how the reporter "got wind of it" -- although I suppose it's pretty silly to think that a metric boatload of people all over town didn't already know the team's true identities.
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My superhero name will be "The Brown Fog."
posted by Astro Zombie at 8:35 PM on January 25, 2006

look! it's captain jackson's jacktown cave!

black holes are easier to escape than jackson ... and much pleasanter to live in
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i should probably explain a little better ... i went to one of the centers in jackson a few years ago and representatives of the kkk were openly handing out literature in the concourse ... downtown is deader than shit ... the two major industries are the power company and the state prison ... and traisping around in a superhero costume is probably the most interesting thing anyone's done there in years

it's a dump
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that's "shopping centers"
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every superhero needs laser feet and black-on-black business cards
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I find this very touching in a silly sort of way.
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Not to be be confused with Action Jackson or Captain Action
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I find this guy touched in a silly but well-intentioned way. I'm glad he didn't get the crap kicked out of him or anything like that. Though superheroes should know better than to drink and drive.

In Santa Cruz, we had a meter feeding clown as our local superhero for a while, until the cops arrested him. And let him go but I don't think he's around anymore.
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I grew up in Jackson...and live about 35 miles away now. This guy probably WAS one of the more interesting things happening. And probably did some good along the way.

My opinion....(if anyone cares)..the reporter is a jerk...outing him wasn't necessary.
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Please Captain Jackson - Please if you're out there somewhere reading this - come to Kalamazoo. We'll forgive you and we really need your help. The cops here suck alot. Captain Kalamazoo!
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Yeah - this whole story kinda broke my heart.
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Too tempting.

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