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Sometimes the best of the web is just moments. Previously linked comic hitting harshly where it hurts.
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posted by jaded at 5:36 AM on January 28, 2006

Oh, man.
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Milholland, you son of a bitch.

Damn he's good a making characters we care about.
posted by notsnot at 6:24 AM on January 28, 2006

Good stuff. Thanks.
posted by amro at 6:24 AM on January 28, 2006

Complete with the usual BOOBIES! flamewar...
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Do they ever have episodes where someone doesn't get sick/die or cover the reader in syrup?
posted by Mayor Curley at 6:58 AM on January 28, 2006

Mayor: Yeah, the very first comic. Usually, the writer is almost as big a dick as you are.
posted by notsnot at 7:03 AM on January 28, 2006

Mayor: Yeah, the very first comic.

The first comic is pretty. What happened? Did the Hallmark Hall of Fame buy the rights to it?
posted by Mayor Curley at 7:15 AM on January 28, 2006

That's a cheery thing for first thing in the morning. I have to say, though, the mix of caustic humour, misanthropy, and sensitivity that S*P manages is why I'm still reading it.
posted by ChrisR at 7:16 AM on January 28, 2006

The first comic is pretty

Pretty funny, rather.
posted by Mayor Curley at 7:18 AM on January 28, 2006

I don't get it. Is it supposed to be funny?
posted by afroblanca at 7:22 AM on January 28, 2006

Wow. Wish I'd had this last Thursday, when I lead discussion about comics and sequential art in my Visual Rhetoric class.
posted by Bryan Behrenshausen at 7:31 AM on January 28, 2006

Well, Randy did kinda ditch mere one-liners for actual story and character development. Now, the rampant one-liners *serve* the plot. In this instance, however, ain't nothing funny - just shit. hapening.
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just more of the same
posted by rxrfrx at 7:38 AM on January 28, 2006

Incredible - thanks for the link, Sparx.
posted by jonson at 7:47 AM on January 28, 2006

I don't get it?

Do I have to read more of the comic to understand?
posted by unixrat at 8:43 AM on January 28, 2006

Yeah, you'd have to have read a bit more of the comic to understand.

The author's across the river at Harvard this weekend, I think, so I could go slug him in the gut if I wasn't stuck at work today.
posted by robocop is bleeding at 8:52 AM on January 28, 2006

Yeah, I don't get it either, though my teeth hurt after reading it. Among other things, this guy seriously needs an editor. Too, too many words...
posted by mkultra at 9:01 AM on January 28, 2006

I don't usually read this comic, but I got the gist easily enough from the links Sparkx posted: The guy has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, he's struggling with breaking the news to his wife, and before he can get the words out, she up and dies on him.

But yeah, seems you'd need to read the rest of the comic and get to know and care about the characters before you'd care much, but it's a sad little vignette nonetheless.
posted by Gator at 9:05 AM on January 28, 2006

well...its a comic about life. life is funny, fucked up and all the rest. i've been readng milholland's stuff for years now and he's got a real handle on how to build you up by relatin to the characters, then hit you in a soft spot. if i ever get to writing my own webcomic i aspire to his story telling skills.
posted by Doorstop at 9:19 AM on January 28, 2006

I found the boobies thread, but not the boobies comic. Where is it? I want boobies.
posted by wsg at 9:45 AM on January 28, 2006

Well, given that I have only read the occasional episode, and they're in the midst of killing off their major characters... well, hm.

Calvin and Hobbes reruns for me!
posted by insomnia_lj at 10:08 AM on January 28, 2006

I thought comics were supposed to be funny. Like Beetle Bailey and Marmaduke.
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Well that was uplifting. Nicely done but kind of a depressing start to the day.
posted by fenriq at 10:23 AM on January 28, 2006

I saw this last night and was practically catatonic for a few minutes. Mostly because that scene is going to happen to me, too, someday -- alzheimers and dementia runs in the male side of my family, and I'm about to move to Texas to be with my girlfriend... who has Faye's wit. :-P It hit me hard.

For those of you who haven't read Something Positive, set aside a three day weekend and start from the beginning. And for those of you who say 'too many words' .. he's not trying to make punchlines the way many comic strips do, and he's NOT trying to be funny a lot of the time. He's telling a story with pictures added in. Not everything needs to be packed into one-liners and soundbytes for your two second attention span.
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Milholland is the Joss Whedon of web comics. And apparently, I'm a glutton for punishment.
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I read from the first link onwards, it was pretty impressive. But SpecialK is probably right, I'll need more time to start from the beginning.
posted by allen.spaulding at 11:04 AM on January 28, 2006

Why does Millholand have to play with my emotions instead of just being mean and sarcastic all the time. Damn good comic.
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I'm going to be the asshole voice of dissent and say I can't get past the frankly amateur artwork.
posted by S.C. at 12:01 PM on January 28, 2006

Fenriss: is that supposed to be a compliment?

*ducks the barrage of rotting fruit*
posted by papakwanz at 12:19 PM on January 28, 2006

Damn, that hit me in the gut.
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Riding in at the tail end of my post, I was a bit worried about posting it as a) it had been posted before as a site, and b) it may need some previous experience to fully get the impact, But it hit me hard, and I thought I'd share it, because to be hit hard by web content is somewhat unusual in my experience.

That said

posted by Sparx at 2:32 AM on January 29, 2006

Thank You Sparx for linking this, I hadn't read SP before, started reading from day one last night. (God knows why but) Choo-choo Bear made me laugh 'til I cried, and I have been desperately in need of both lately.
posted by Catch at 2:16 PM on January 29, 2006

I've enjoyed S*P for years, and like many of its fans, I was shocked by Fayes sudden and wholly unexpected death. It is true; Randy has an amazing talent to make you like and relate to his characters and when he suddenly kills one of them off, or moves them away from the story, it hits you like a lead baloon.

I'm coming in late to this thread, so I'll just repeat a few of the points others have already made.

* It's not meant to be funny so there's nothing to 'get'.

* Yes, there's alot of words, but who cares? I have an attention span longer than 5 seconds.

* Yeah, the artwork isn't 'good' (though that in itself is a subjective term), but when the writing is as good as it usually is, it dosen't matter.
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It's possible I have a "murr!" shirt in my closet.

I blew a weekend catching up on S*P a while ago, and I think that kind of exposure may have immersed me a little too much in the characters. I was miserable when Faye died. Worse, I got the Spousal Unit hooked too, so we were both upset.

Fuck you, Millholland. We love you.
posted by frykitty at 7:19 AM on February 1, 2006

Ouch. That hit me hard, too. You don't need to have followed S*P regularly to "get it" - the author managed to capture very real moments of humanity in a few frames.

Everyone is going to die, and that very fact is what makes the magic, golden moments of our lives all the more treasurable.
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Worse, I got the Spousal Unit hooked


(I'm gonna send Milholland money, since I read his whole comic for free and enjoyed it enormously; and if I ever meet him I'm gonna punch him in the neck for killing Faye like that.)
posted by sennoma at 8:35 AM on February 1, 2006

Wow time flies. This is one of the few web comics I genuinely love.
posted by andendau at 9:06 PM on February 1, 2006

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