Mona lips synch
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Mona Lisa interativa .
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posted by hortense at 12:06 AM on February 1, 2006

posted by hortense at 12:09 AM on February 1, 2006

I realize now that the Mona Lisa is only attractive with that one expression. So, it wasn't a matter of being enigmatic. Leonardo just painted her in here only good looking pose. Mystery solved!
posted by qwip at 12:11 AM on February 1, 2006

In English.
posted by Goblindegook at 12:12 AM on February 1, 2006

posted by Cranberry at 12:35 AM on February 1, 2006

Mmm. The original is only marginally less interactive. I thought maybe she would converse a little, perhaps sing some songs, turn cartwheels even. That's interaction. The changing facial expressions? Not so much.
posted by kcds at 3:46 AM on February 1, 2006

wow - fpp for the Photoshop liquify tool... Or am i missing something?
posted by Meccabilly at 7:48 AM on February 1, 2006

I was hoping that this would show me the various Mona Lisa's that Da Vinci painted this one over.

I'm sore, and I'm disappointed.
posted by Citizen Premier at 7:05 PM on February 1, 2006

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