fantastic folk monsters of Japan
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The Obakemono Project - a Gaijin's guide to the fantastic folk monsters of Japan. (via oink)
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Sugoi! Thanks!
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This is really cool. The illustrations are a lot of fun.
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Sweet. I just noticed they have an rss feed.
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Yup, great post :)
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This is a tremendous post. U.S.Awesome!
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very very very splendid. thanks!
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You know, I had considered myself fairly well informed about the tanuki. I did not know this:

Of course the most infamous aspect of the tanuki's shapeshifting involves its testicles. By blowing air and pulling, the male raccoon dog can stretch his scrotum into a vast sheet exceeding eight tatami mats in size. [The tanuki uses his testicles] as a raincoat or a blanket, a boat or a blunt weapon, he may disguise them as another youkai such as a rokurokubi or a tengu in order to frighten his fellow raccoon dogs, or he may even traipse through a landscape made up entirely of hairy, wrinkled scrotal skin. The mamedanuki in particular is said to transform its testicular expanse into rooms and invite humans in to do business, but often a lit cigarette dropped on the "floor" will break the illusion and send the revealed animal fleeing and yelping in pain.

Nor, I think, did I want to.
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This is wonderful. Cheers
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awesome find madamjujujive, thanks!

Now I have a great crib sheet for reading Usagi Yojimbo. :)
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This was the highlight of my day.
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I was just surfing the Japan tag and found an excellent post by carter that I had missed about animals in Japanese paintings and prints - it includes a section on imaginative creatures that is related to this.
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Tanuki Testicle growing Commercial:
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What? No Godzilla?
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Great site, wonderful illustrations!
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This is really, really cool.
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Best of the web.

I look forward to scaring my son with these tales. (Well, maybe not just yet - last night he woke up scared and crying because of the obake he heard in the kitchen.)

Kids' nightmares are scarier than adults, I think. I know mine were.
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Added to my list of excellent links on Japanese culture.
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Holy crap! I was just trying to research Japanese folk monster the other day. This would have been extremely handy.
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God timing, MJ3. Feb. 3 is Setsubun in Japan, so I scared the dickens out of my son in the morning by bursting in while wearing an "oni" demon mask like that in the article while my wife screamed, threw soybeans at me and shouted the associated chant. Fun! Then I saw maiko dance at Yasaka shrine in the afternoon.
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Fantastic find madamjujujive. Wonderful illustrations. The link list at the site itself leads to some digital weirdness too.
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My fav. I was trying to identify a spider for a japanese flickr user, and it led me to this.
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This is an AWESOME post!

I like the sagari:

A grisly horse's head that dangles in the branches of a nettle tree...its baleful whinnies are terrifying....
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perfect timing here too--Spirited Away was on Cartoon Network tonight. : >
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Akaname: Those who let grime and dirt build up in their bathrooms are prone to a visit from this child-like spirit, which licks bathtubs and wash-basins spotlessly clean with its very long tongue.......
now this is a monster I might use. except the toxic saliva.
very cool link.
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