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Fleischfilm Films by Thorsten Fleisch, experimental filmmaker. Fleisch "became recognized as one of the world's leading innovators of experimental film with the release of his 16mm film, Blutrausch, a film made entirely from his own blood." "Fleisch feels a compulsive need to attack everyone's eyes and ears... challenging the eyes and mind with wickedly clever films that combine mathematical systems of editing with reflexive commentary." Check out some interviews or Fleisch's stimulating article, Animating the 4th Dimension.
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Probably should have said some videos will not be safe for epileptics due to flicker.
posted by MetaMonkey at 11:10 PM on February 3, 2006

Ugh. My eyes. My ears. Christ. What an asshole.

Cool concepts, though.
posted by sourwookie at 11:39 PM on February 3, 2006

Thanks! Fantastic stuff.

I'm also a big fan of Paul Sharits and his flicker films...
posted by slimepuppy at 6:24 AM on February 4, 2006

That's so German it hurts.
posted by xthlc at 9:11 AM on February 4, 2006

In case any fans of fractal films missed it: Gestalt is an awe inspiring visualisation of 4d quaternions. Really extraordinary.

I guess many of the other films will only be of interest to hard core experimental film lovers.
posted by MetaMonkey at 2:35 PM on February 4, 2006

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