Later on, Koza killed & ate Cairo
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Cairo, an Italian mastiff puppy, was introduced as a playmate to 10-week-old Koza, a lion cub whose twin died, at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. The idea is that lions are social animals, but there are no other lion cubs at the park for Koza to interact with. Cairo is the next best thing.
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I hope Cairo enjoys playing as the dominant one for a couple weeks...
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Wow. Serious cuteness inside
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I've seen the handlers at the San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park take cheetahs for walks through the park as a walking, up-close exhibit. They often have large dogs walking right alongside the cats on the same leashes. The dogs and cheetahs are friendly to one another, and since the dogs are totally calm around people, that calms the cheetah down. One of the handlers said a calm cheetah is a Good Thing, because "you try holding on to a cheetah's leash when he takes off at 70 miles per hour."
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Via this website? Anyway, this article says that the lion cub and the puppy are together only one or two hours at a time, and that the lion cub may move from the zoo in a month or two.
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Per Frogan's mention, here's The Cheetah and the Golden Retriever at the San Diego Zoo.
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Per Frogan's mention, here's The Cheetah and the Golden Retriever at the San Diego Zoo.

As a duck/pheasant hunter, this has given me an interestin' idea for next season.
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Man. that cat looks like he's pissed off at the dog for most of those pictures.
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You stay classy San Diego.
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Perfect desktop material, thank you jonson.

Staying with the cuteness theme, Bella and Hogan.
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Once a mom, always a mom: A Dog Feeds Two Tiger Cubs....
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Once a mom, always a mom
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All the cuteness is top-notch, but given what Bucket o' Heads has shown us, isn't anyone a touch concerned that all this cross-species love will bring us that much closer to the abominations we've recently been warned about?.
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cute. But I wish they would have introduced Pat Robertson instead.
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When in Rome...
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Isn't there something in the bible against interspecies maternal relationships?
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More from the "Its only a matter of time" department:

'Hamster, snake best friends at Tokyo zoo'
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And h-e-e-e-e-e-e-r-e's Mzee and Owen!
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for those too lazy to click the link, dgaicun's is the best one because the hamster was dropped into the snake's living area as a meal.
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Aw, Rob, that picture is only 72% cute, this one is 81% cute.
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. . . err, um.
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That mastiff is one false move away from a much more interesting photo set.
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Lion cubs are sweet and very affectionate. They remain this way for most of their first year. I lack experience with older lions, but suspect from all I've seen and read, that lions are really more laid-back than their reputation suggests. Seems likely that, after being human-raised, the only thing keeping them from continued public contact is their strength (and keeping them from even accidently getting a taste of human blood).

I've played with both lion and tiger cubs. Tigers are much more cat-like, and get dangerous. You don't ever want to be lower than a tiger cub after 6 months! Haven't met cheetah cubs yet, but hopefully some will be happening before long (some breeding pairs are cohabiting here). Cheetahs are more beautiful than most TV images suggest.

Sadly, the tiger cubs had to be sequestered away from the public after some stupid human female freaked out because he sniffed her (she was warned he'd do that!). She freaked, tripped, fell, and the tiger grabbed her by the throat. (no serious harm). Last time I visited the tiger, the poor thing (frighteningly large now) laid on the other side of the fence and rolled around on his back, like a housecat begging for attention. I felt bad for the tiger's loneliness. This was no imagining on my part, one of the keepers told me the cat was every bit as affectionate as ever.

I'll never be so impressed by circus acts with lions and tigers again.
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Thanks, dgaicun, yours is wicked cute. If the remake of "The Odd Couple" is cast nontraditionally, I'm so there!
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These are all so good! I love me some strange!
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Also: The Cute Factor and Planet Pupulon
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Squirrel puppy, via Cute Overlord where there's like a million more such.
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When I saw this baby sloth this morning, I was quite sure it would be the most painfully adorable thing I would see today. But then I clicked on jonson's link at 11:50.... That baby sloth is dead to me now.
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dgaicun, I'm the person you found and left the message for on the lj about inter-species friends. I added a [via mefi] link to give props.
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Take us to Cute Factor Nine, Mr Scott.

The engines cannae take it, Cap'n!

Scottie, you're relieved. Jonson - get in here... and bring that picture of the lion and the puppy.

Seriously cute - thanks. My favorite is the last one, where the lion at last seems to start fighting back...
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dgaicun, I'm the person you found and left the message for on the lj

No, I'm the person who shattered all your fragile illusions of Net privacy. This, on the other hand, is just stupid super-cuteness. [via] [via]

(see why footnoting sucks!)
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Not all loving interspecies encounters are cute.

(I'm fully footnoting how I came across this picture just to show you how pointless 'via' can be)

[via] [via] [via] [via] [via]
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Polar Bear and Dog, People and Tiger, and, of course, Tiger and Piggies [via Lets Be Friends]
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Ok, I think this one is my favorite (from an AP story):

This is the story of a fish named Falstaff and Chino, the dog who loved him.

The two met three years ago, when Chino's owners, Dan and Mary Heath, traded Portland for Medford and a house with a backyard pond.

Falstaff, a 15-inch orange-and-black koi, lived in the pond. Chino, a 9-year-old golden retriever, did not.

But every day, Chino would pad out to the pond and peer into the water, waiting for Falstaff to appear. Falstaff would swim to the surface, offering what seemed like a finny greeting. Together, the inter-species pals forged a strong bond.

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From Interspecies Friendships (PDF)

I think I find this interesting because it seems like it should be taboo! Pat Robertson secretly finds this whole business very disturbing.
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these little guys are so cute. i was at the wild animal park last week and they were napping. glad i got to see them.
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Cairo and Koza are so cute I can't stand it, and I'm not usually a big cute animal picture fan. I thought it was interesting that they play the same way my dog and cat do: dog gets cat down on the floor and kind of nibbles his neck, which cat absolutely adores. Now please don't tell me if the post title is the truth, because I will never be able to look at my purring cat the same way again.
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I love being a mammal!
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holy crap. this thread turned into a cuteness apocolypse.
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seriously dgaicun, you really brought the big guns. I'm somewhat in awe...
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Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria!
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Ah, good old schmaltzy Boston Globe:

Willy the hog pairs with antelope at zoo

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Wuzza Wooza.
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